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Here’s How Meditation Can Lead to Better Health and Sports Performance

Doctors focus on treating diseases and injuries as or after they occur. While doctors urge people to use preventative medication and treatment, that often falls onto the shoulders of the individual in question. Doctors are simply too busy to guide patients day in and day out. One of the best forms of preventative care you [...]

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Avoiding High School Sports Injuries and Treating Them When They Do Occur

School’s back for autumn! Across the country, kids are hitting the books, and also the gym and field. Playing sports and participating in gym class is great for kids and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, playing sports can also result in injuries. Injuries are no fun. Your child might be sore or in pain and [...]

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Five Tips for Healing and Treating Lower Back Pain

At QiVantage, we focus primarily on injuries that occur while undergoing physical activity. That might mean yoga, hiking, or team sports like football and basketball. Of course, muscle and joint aches aren’t limited to sports injuries. If they were, you could simply avoid exercise and thus the pain! Out here in the real world, exercise [...]

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Best Exercises to Get That Beach Body for the Summer

Spring is in full swing and summer is nearly upon us. Many people are starting to head to the beach, although in some areas the water might still be too cold to take a long dip. Either way, there’s a good chance that you’ve begun to unpack your bathing suits and the like. Unfortunately, you [...]

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Getting Prepped For the Iron Man Race

The Iron Man triathlon is one of the most intensive races in the world. Many of QiVantage’s customers race in the Iron Man each year. Some complete the race, some don’t but everyone who tries will tell you that’s quite the test of endurance. If you want to take on Iron Man, you need to [...]

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How to Make Sure Your Pupper Enjoys Spring

Spring is here! The cold winter weeks are behind us and the weather is starting to warm. Even if you have a few days of cold left in front of you, hang on because the warm weather is around the corner. Many people love springtime. It’s a chance to start anew. Fresh flowers, a cleaned [...]

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Why Athletes Should Detox Their Bodies This Spring

Professional athletes often obsess over their health and body. They spend their careers monitoring their diet, working out, and otherwise trying to achieve physical perfection. Many professional athletes also detox their bodies. When you detox your body, you attempt to flush out all of the toxins and gunk in your body. With spring having arrived, [...]

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Yes, Natural Sports Injury Treatments Can Help With Arthritis Too

Each year, millions of people suffer from sports injuries. We’ve found that our products may be a big help for those who are injured. However, we know that when it comes to pain relief, athletes aren’t the only ones suffering. Consider that roughly 46 million Americans suffer from arthritis. Like sports injuries, arthritis can be [...]

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Dealing With Muscle and Joint Injuries (the Natural Way)

Exercise is a vital part of any health and nutrition plan. If you don’t regularly work your body out, you could suffer from health problems even if you’re eating a healthy diet. Unfortunately, the more you exercise, the more likely you are to suffer a muscle and joint injury. Of course, knowing your limits and [...]

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Yes, Shoveling the Driveway Can Count as a Winter Workout, but Be Careful

The United States has been hit with a record-breaking storm and across the country, many people are digging out. Shoveling the driveway can be a great form of exercise, but you have to be careful. Each year, countless people suffer heart attacks and other serious conditions when shoveling snow. Fortunately, there are some steps you [...]

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How to Deal With Sore “Winter Muscles”

Turn on the news and you might see some headlines mentioning “blizzards”, “snowmaggedon” and the like. It’s been a pretty cold and snowey winter so far, and many athletes have been forced to spend more time indoors than they’d want. Unfortunately, the combination of cold weather and being cooped up can lead to sore muscles. [...]

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Keep Your Gym Streak Alive By Naturally Healing Your Muscle and Joint Pain

Struggling to keep your New Year’s Resolution or normal gym routine because of muscle and joint aches and pains? Such pains are sadly common, especially for people who regularly work out and exercise. Thankfully, you don’t have to accept pain as a status quo. There are many treatments available, some natural some not. But if [...]

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How To Make the Most Out of Your New Year (Lose Weight, Focus, Heal!)

Welcome to the New Year! We here at QiVantage hope 2019 is a prosperous, healthy new year. Every time we have to toss out our old calendars (or let our phones and computers flip the page) we get a chance to start anew. Whether that means securing more professional success, losing weight, or repairing damaged [...]

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Great Indoor Exercises For the Cold Months Ahead

Autumn is in full swing and the winter is fast approaching. Many parts of the United States experience very cold weather that can make outside exercise impractical. As a result, it’s hard to stay in shape. Unfortunately, many people end up putting on some “winter pounds.” Fortunately, there are several great ways to get a [...]

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Tips For Getting All the Energy You Need for a Great Work Out

Regular exercise can be tremendously beneficial for your health. It’s not just about keeping off extra pounds, but also ensuring that your muscles are strong and toned, and that your body is in good shape overall. Regular exercise will help you live to the fullest and can even add years to your lifespan. Of course, [...]

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Injuries to Watch Out For This High School and College Sports Season

Universities, high schools, and middle schools across the country are starting up or already under way. For many children and teens, it’s going to be an opportunity not just to catch up with friends and learning, but also to play sports. Unfortunately, sports related injuries are part and parcel of any sport. High school and [...]

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Hiking Health and Safety Tips and How to Treat Hiking Injuries

With the summer drawing to a close and the weather starting to cool, many people are going to be spending more time outdoors. One of the best late summer and early autumn exercise activities is hiking. A good long hike will help you get closer with nature while also helping you burn calories and strengthen [...]

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Five Great In Water Workouts For Losing Weight

It’s hard to stay in shape. Between careers, family, and other commitments, there’s often simply not enough time to hit up the gym. On top of that, it’s tempting to skip healthy cooking and to just hit up the drive-thru lane for some junk food. Over time, these habits can result in weight problems. Fortunately, [...]

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Perfect Sports for the Dog Days of Summer

We’re in the dog days of summer, so some of the days might be a bit too hot for a long jog or a soccer game. Just because the weather’s a bit too stifling some days, you don’t have to give up getting your workout on! When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consistency [...]

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Top Causes For Your Athletic Pains (and How You Can Treat the Pain Naturally)

Muscle and joint pain is a serious issue for athletes and everyone else for that matter. At first, a nagging pain might seem like nothing more than an annoyance. Tough players win, right? You can fight your way through the pain, no? Thing is, if left untreated a minor pain today could become a serious [...]

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Athletic Pains: World Cup Injuries Are Piling Up

At QiVantage, we’ve been helping athletes, including Olympians, recover from sports injuries for years. Unfortunately, even careful, cautious athletes are likely to suffer injuries from time to time. And we’ve certainly seen our fair share of injuries at the World Cup this month. The scariest injury so far was probably the one suffered by Peru’s [...]

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Eight of the Most Common Sports Injuries and How You Can Treat Them

Probably every athlete has suffered a sports injury at one point or another. Even if it’s just a minor sprain, or some scrapes and bruises, sports injuries can slow you down and interfere with your daily life. That’s why we’re going to go over some tips for preventing and treating sports injuries. Let’s get to [...]

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Fifa World Cup is Here! How to Prevent and Treat Soccer/Football Related Injuries

The Fifa World Cup has arrived! 32 teams will play in the Fifa finals to determine the world champion. Right now, Brazil and Germany are considered the most likely to win, but they’ll both have to get past several talented teams. In honor of the Fifa World Cup, we’re going to take a moment to [...]

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