Getting Prepped For the Iron Man Race

The Iron Man triathlon is one of the most intensive races in the world. Many of QiVantage’s customers race in the Iron Man each year. Some complete the race, some don’t but everyone who tries will tell you that’s quite the test of endurance. If you want to take on Iron Man, you need to [...]

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Yes, Natural Sports Injury Treatments Can Help With Arthritis Too

Each year, millions of people suffer from sports injuries. We’ve found that our products may be a big help for those who are injured. However, we know that when it comes to pain relief, athletes aren’t the only ones suffering. Consider that roughly 46 million Americans suffer from arthritis. Like sports injuries, arthritis can be [...]

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How to Deal With Sore “Winter Muscles”

Turn on the news and you might see some headlines mentioning “blizzards”, “snowmaggedon” and the like. It’s been a pretty cold and snowey winter so far, and many athletes have been forced to spend more time indoors than they’d want. Unfortunately, the combination of cold weather and being cooped up can lead to sore muscles. [...]

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