QiVantage formulas were created by Traditional Martial Arts Masters 1500 to 2000 years ago. For centuries, these herbal formulas have been used by many higher-level practitioners and doctors to treat acute and chronic injuries. The formulas have been refined over time to maximize their benefit and effectiveness.

Traditional Martial Arts Masters are known for their incredible levels of skill and ability, which they achieved through immense physical challenges. The harmonizing effect of East Asian herbal remedies allowed practitioners to reach higher levels of skill and ability by treating acute and chronic injuries, including aches and pains of the muscles and joints associated with strains, bruises, and sprains.

Chinese mountainsThrough necessity, they learned which herbs to use and how those herbs affected the body. East Asian herbs are utilized in many ways, such as topical powders, external patches or wraps, plasters, and liniments, in conjunction with the internal use of herbal teas.These Martial Arts Masters practiced in the mountains, where the only source of relief and treatment for injuries were the herbs of the mountain environment. Without the use of these recipes, it would have been nearly impossible for Traditional Martial Arts masters to achieve their optimum level of skill and ability. By using herbal formulas, these Masters were able to continue practicing the day after an injury, furthering their intense physical training.

Chinese Painting - QiVantageQiVantage external formulas harmonize the entire injured area by increasing circulation and oxygenation, and removing toxins and negativity, thereby decreasing swelling and pain and increasing function and strength. By removing toxins and increasing circulation, the body’s meridians become unblocked and are able to reconnect, allowing the body to quickly proceed through the natural healing process.With training and experience, Traditional Martial Arts Masters and East Asian doctors learned that the shock from an injury causes the affected area to “shut down” leading to internal bruising, the build-up of toxins, swelling, decreased oxygenation and circulation to the area. These imbalances inevitably lead to pain and loss of function that often causes subsequent injuries and slower healing processes. The longer the injured area is left unbalanced, the more damage can occur.

Through the course of athletic training or competition, athletes can sustain an injury. The typical course of action is to slow down because of the pain. The herbal formulas allow athletes to quickly regain ability and return to training and competition sooner.

For the first time in the United States, QiVantage has gained the rights to provide these herbal formulas to athletes and the general public. Working with a team of Eastern and Western doctors, QiVantage continues to provide the highest quality, most effective products possible.

Many people in the United States may not have a deep understanding of Chinese herbal medicine, fully comprehend the concept of Chi, or have seen a higher level martial arts practitioner. Below is a movie clip from National Geographic about the Shaolin monks and how they develop Chi and utilize traditional herbal knowledge in their traditional martial arts training to maintain an extraordinary condition and tremendous ability.