How do QiVantage Formulas work?
Our all-natural formulas help release blocked energy and create a clear pathway for Qi to flow optimally through your body. QiVantage formulas help the body naturally balance joint, muscle, tendon, ligament and internal stresses caused by the rigors of sports training. When Qi is balanced and flows smoothly in the body, your internal systems function optimally, blood circulation improves, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to all areas of the body so it can more effectively heal itself.

Who uses QiVantage Formulas?
Players from the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL along with Olympians and other elite athletes have used our all natural formulas to recover faster and perform better. QiVantage products are used by athletes of all ages and ability levels recover faster, prevent injury and maintain a healthy overall condition longer.

Why are the QiVantage products good for athletes?
Recovery is vital to athletes. If recovery is insufficient, you’ll break down more than you build up, according to Bryan Heiderscheit, Ph.D., P.T., head of the University of Wisconsin Medical School Runner’s Clinic. (Runner’s World August 2005).

According to Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 65 percent of runners are injured every year and have one running injury for every 100 hours of running. The same study found that runners miss up to 10 percent of their workouts due to injury. Every serious athlete (whether a runner, a football player, a cyclist…) will likely be sidelined by injury at some point.

QiVantage provides all-natural, time-tested herbal formulas for athletes of all types. These products help you recover faster, prevent injury and maintain a healthy condition longer. Our easy-to-use and easy-to-implement products help the body naturally recover while lessening the effects that strenuous training has on the joints, muscles, and internal systems of the body.

As an athlete, when do I use QiVantage products in my training?
QiVantagel Formulas can be used at any stage of training – whether in daily practice or for a big event. If you have an injury, review our Injury Recovery Series, and the various kits we have available for common athlete situations. For daily practice, use the Performance Series of sprays, soaks, and teas. If you are in a high-stress time of the season, or your preparing for a major event, review the Stress Relief series, and if you practice outdoors, use the After Sun and Sports series to protect and nourish your skin.

I am not an athlete, can I use QiVantage products?
Yes, QiVantage Formulas and Qi Therapies can be used by athletes and non-athletes alike to help maintain a healthier overall physical and mental condition.

How do your products differ from acupuncture, massage, or other therapies I am more familiar with?
Balancing Qi is the goal of treatments such as acupuncture, shiatsu massage, and Tai Chi practice. QiVantage formulas give you remarkable benefits in easy-to-use products that you can self-administer at times convenient to your schedule.

Where do these formulas come from?
The unique formulas and treatments sold by QiVantage are based on highly prized formulas that have been used for centuries by East Asian royalty and highly skilled traditional martial arts practitioners. The formulas and treatments have been refined through the centuries to maximize benefit. Many of the formulas and treatments we provide have been used for over 25 years in the U.S. QiVantage’s mission is to help bring these qi enhancing products to athletes of all abilities.

What is Qi?
Pronounced chee or key, Qi (romanized spelling Chi) is the life force that flows through your body. When Qi moves freely, your body stays balanced, can quickly heal itself and function optimally. However, when negative energies stress your body, blockages form that impede the flow of Qi, often resulting in fatigue, pain, reduced mobility, injury, or illness. Age, toxins in the air we breathe and food we eat, and aggressive training are factors that can cause Qi circulation stagnation and imbalance. Learn more about Qi.

Are QiVantage and Chi Herbal related?
Yes, we changed our name from Chi Herbal to QiVantage in 2009. We feel QiVantage better communicates our purpose. Qi = vital force or energy. Vantage = A position, condition, or opportunity that is likely to provide superiority or an advantage.