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Stress Relief Series

Stress often robs athletes of their potential.  Our Stress Relief Series can release tension and prepare you for action.

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    Anxiety is the enemy of athletes. Apply a set of the Stress Relief and Calming Patches to relax the body and clear the mind on the day of a big competition or a day of travel. 
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    Soak away toxins in a warm bath of Stress Relief Detox Soak and feel peaceful yet energized afterward.
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    Spray on the Stress Relief and Calming Spray to feel physical and mental tension disappear. Feel calmer before competition so you can be mentally sharp and perform at your best.
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    Drink a couple bottles over a few days of our Detox Tea Extra Strength tea concentrate to detoxify internal organs and support the body’s natural cleansing process.  Great to do a few times a year to keep your internal systems healthy.
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    Many athletes carry stress in the neck and shoulders. Heat up the Neck Pillow and relax the tension.
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    Heat the Eye Pad and place it over the eyes to relieve headaches and revitalize your vision.
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Rave Reviews

I too have experienced fast results. After 2 treatments, I still have mild painbut at least the “gate” of walk is normal again. I have injured my hamstringthree times in three weeks and your product was used to assist recoveryafter trying to get back into the Martial Arts too fast after 18 years of notraining. My mind still expects my body to do things it simply is notcapable of supporting. I have a serious injury here that will take a long time to get to any level that remotely resembles what I used to do so many years ago. I am 53 now and after injuring the same ham three times, in three weeks, I now know that I have to be very patient and judicious about my training.
Paul Shoenfelt, Hamstring Tear, Martial Arts

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Used by athletes in the:  NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, Olympics, NCAA, Ironman, and X Games

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