Our Mission
Founded in October 2004. QiVantage was established to bring unique, time-proven herbal formulas and treatments to endurance athletes to help them perform better, recover faster and maintain a healthy condition longer. QiVantage’s goal is to bring Qi formulas and therapies to all athletes so they can maximize their performance today and enjoy a healthy condition long after they stop competing.

What is Qi?
Pronounced chee, Qi (or Chi) is the life force that flows through your body. When Qi moves freely, your body stays balanced, can quickly heal itself and function optimally. However, when negative energies stress your body, blockages form that impede the flow of Qi, often resulting in fatigue, pain, reduced mobility, injury, or illness. Aging, toxins in the air we breathe and food we eat, as well as aggressive training, can cause Qi circulation stagnation and imbalance. Qi products are specifically formulated to release blocked energy and create a clear pathway for Qi to flow optimally through your body. Learn more about Qi.

Our Products
QiVantage formulas come in easy to use wraps, sprays, baths and teas, lotions and therapeutic pads. All products can be easily integrated into your training or event preparation and recovery. All products can also be used with other training or treatment methods and products.

Our Product Lines include:

Recovery Series – The Recovery Series is meant to aid in your recovery of common sports injuries. Several products and kits are available, based on the type and severity of your injury

Performance Series – This series is for daily training and competition. Use these products to help prevent muscle and joint soreness that can eventually lead to injury. At the same time, our formulas will help your increase energy and endurance, and help you perform at optimum levels.

Stress Relief Series – Competition and the necessary preparations invariably bring about stress which degrades ability. Use this product line to relieve tension, and maintain the clear-mindedness necessary for your success.

After Sun and Sport Series – Most QiVantage products are for the muscles and joints, but this line is specifically designed to help out the largest organ of the body – your skin. Protecting it and keeping it healthy and youthful is important for your overall ability.

Our Quality Assurance
QiVantage products are made with only the finest quality, whole, natural herbs to ensure optimal effectiveness. Our products are formulated utilizing state of the art processing techniques supervised by individuals with years of experience in biological and pharmaceutical processing. We distribute all natural products free of dyes, stimulants, additives, or preservatives. Our products are not tested on animals and do not use animal based products in any of the formulas. All of the ingredients in the QiVantage line of products are included in the FDA’s GRAS (generally regarded as safe) list of herbs.

QiVantage formulas and treatments have been used by select athletes in the U.S. for over 25 years and our now being made available to athletes of all skill levels. The products and treatments sold by QiVantage are based on highly prized formulas that have been tested and refined for centuries by East Asian royalty and highly skilled traditional martial arts practitioners.

Our Founders
Brad Heilman and Rob Lucier founded QiVantage to provide athletes with formulas and methods of preventing injuries, speeding recovery time, and maintaining a healthy condition longer. Read more about our mission in the Message from the Founders or learn more about us in the Founder Bios.

Contact QiVantage
If you have questions about QiVantage products and how they can be best used, call us 858-373-1830 or e-mail us at customer service.

If you are with the press, please visit Press Inquiries for appropriate contact information. Other ways to contact us can be found at Contact Us.

Our headquarters and mailing address is:

Jadience Herbal Formulas
4901 Morena Blvd. #326
San Diego, CA 92117