Doctors focus on treating diseases and injuries as or after they occur. While doctors urge people to use preventative medication and treatment, that often falls onto the shoulders of the individual in question. Doctors are simply too busy to guide patients day in and day out. One of the best forms of preventative care you can undergo is meditation.

Meditation is excellent for your mental health. It can help you focus and reduce stress. Reduced stress, in turn, is great for your cardiovascular system. Stress and anxiety will strain your cardiovascular system. Irregular blood pressure, insomnia, and other conditions associated with stress may be affecting your cardiovascular health and causing other problems as well.

The American Heart Association has found that regular meditation is associated with a reduced risk of heart attacks. Given that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, claiming 600,000 people each year in the United States alone, anything you can do to reduce risks could go a long way.

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Besides meditation, you can also reduce your risks of suffering a heart attack by getting regular exercise, quitting smoking, and controlling your diet. Doing all the above will yield other health benefits as well.

Meditation Can Benefit Your Workouts as Well

Meditation may also reduce headaches or provide pain relief once a headache does set in. Many people skip their day at the gym or jog at the park if they have a headache. This means you aren’t getting your needed exercise.

Increased focus could also pay dividends at the gym, at the park, or on the trail. You’ll be able to run farther, lift weights longer, and play more crisp basketball/soccer/tennis, whatever. Meditating before you work out could yield performance increases.

Meditation may even reduce your risks of suffer a sports related injury. After you meditate, you’ll be more relaxed and your muscles will be looser. This could reduce the risk of pulling or straining a muscle. Of course, you shouldn’t replace stretching with meditation. However, meditation could be a great warmup for your warmup.

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If meditation is a bit too relaxed for you, consider yoga. This practice may be able to deliver many of the same stress reducing benefits as meditation but is more involved. You’ll also stretch out many of your muscles as well.