Over the years we have been fortunate to hear a lot of customer reviews. Thank you – we really appreciate it. Here are some recent reviews:

Injury Recovery: Brandt Stiggins – Ironman Word Championship Competitor.

Brandt Stiggins Ironman World Championship

I have had nagging injuries throughout my triathlon career and have wanted to find a natural homeopathic way to alleviate the soreness and pain. I saw all the testimonials regarding QiVantage and thought I would give it a shot. Wow, my hamstring instantly stopped hurting, my legs feel fresher, and I am able to train harder and recover a bit faster. I am preparing to race in the Ironman World Championships and had a hip issue I needed to be resolved before I race, with a lot of stretching and QiVantage wraps and patches I am able to continue training and will race in a few weeks without pain! I am extremely glad I tried QiVantage and recommend it to anyone who wants to heal faster.

Thanks, Brandt Stiggins

Injury Recovery: Brian Moffett – Avid Road and Trail Runner

Review - Brian Moffett - QiVantage sports injury recovery

Hello. I am a 49-year-old male, an avid runner, both on the road and trail runner. At the end of a particularly active month of running, totaled 56 miles after back to back events on consecutive weekends the last week of the month. (normally run 30-35 miles a week). This led to the development of a significant shin splint, causing substantial pain and decreased mobility on subsequent training runs. Using compression while running, ice and elevation afterward, the condition worsened. Found Qivantage doing an internet search for shin splints. Applied recovery paste and left it on for two days. The third day, went for an easy 5-mile run, with noticeably decreased symptoms. Used a second application that evening, after 24 hrs, went running and had a hard time in distinguishing the leg which had the shin splint from the leg which did not. During previous occasions of experiencing shin splints, I have had to endure up to 6-8 weeks of a rather tedious recovery, experimenting with various regimens of rest, ice, compression, activity, etc. Has proven to be a difficult injury, from which to find an appropriate regimen to begin healing, let alone to recover from completely. Qivantage offered an amazingly simple, extremely effective, and very fast means of recovering from what can become a chronic, debilitating injury. Thanks very much for providing such an amazing product. Would recommend to anyone with lower leg (shin splint, calf strain) injuries.

Sincerely, Brian Moffett, California.

Injury Recovery: David Glasgo – Parent of an athlete

Testimonial - Parent of an injured athlete - QiVantage

In October my daughter severely pulled or possibly tore her hip flexor muscle. After 2 months of pain and still not walking correctly, we were getting close to winter practices starting, but she was stil unable to use her leg. We tried the typical treatments, and when they did not work even went to an orthopedic surgeon to have X-rays and an MRI taken of her hip to see if there was something else wrong. After the appointment all they could tell us was it would take time. I began at that point to start searching the internet for pulled muscle treatment information, I came across your website in my search and really liked what I read. I decided to buy two recovery kits and have my daughter try them out. She told me that on the first application she felt like a bubble formed in her hip area where the injury was, and it grew till it “popped”. The next morning she already felt better. After 3 more applications my daughter was walking normally and began light training to get back in shape. She was in the gym and working with the team 2 weeks later. I can’t recommend the product enough, and have done so a number of times since we used it.

Thanks, David Glasgo

Pain management: Glenda Thacker

I am not an athlete – I am a 61 year old woman. The recovery kit really worked. After suffering with a pulled hamstring muscle for over two months, I used the recovery kit (only two wraps and a soak) and it has now been about a month and no pain in that area. I have since ordered other products such as the pain patches and the heating pad. At the end of a work day, I find these products very helpful. I also have fibromyalgia and again very helpful products. I love the fact this is all natural. As an added bonus, I discussed with my health insurance provider and they agreed to FSA reimbursement. I plan to try everything since I have chronic pain and these are the most effective products I have ever found including prescription medications. Thank you so much for these quality all natural products.

Thank you, Glenda Thacker

Injury Recovery: Susan Rankin – Alaskan Trail Hiker

Review - Treatment Kit for Pulled Calf - QiVantage

I torn my calf muscle while I was hiking, it was the most horrific pain I think I have ever experienced. I was casted for a month. Once, I was out of my cast, I was back to “Chefing on the line” my calf become irritated and was raising its ugly head. So, I surfed the net and found QIVantage being touted by Oprah, so I then read the testimonials. I had tried Everything over the counter and nothing was really helping, so I decided to give it a try. I admit that I was skeptical at first, but it worked, QIVantage helped my body doing something miraculous. My calf stopped hurting after just one treatment. Now I tell anyone that is hurt to give it a try! QI will always be my “go to” injury solution! It works and it smells great too! I keep it on hand, ready for my next “over do” injury!

Thank you, Susan Rankin

Injury Recovery: Tony Cooper – Boxer

I severely tore my hamstring running wind sprints. An MRI revealed an almost complete tear. I was in severe pain and my leg was grossly swollen, so my doctor prescribed anti-inflamatories and pain killers. However, I do not like these drug so I was looking for alternatives, when I came across your product. I was skeptical but desperate. Within minutes of applying the products I began to feel better, but I thought there must be a topical painkiller and it was little more than that. But soon I could feel the blood pumping to my injury and I became optimistic. The next morning the swelling was visabley reduced and much less painful. I was shocked and amazed. It is now 4 weeks later and there is almost no sign of my horrible injury. I am a firm believer now, and I have purchased your complete line of products and I am reckomending them to any and everyone. Thank you for your great products.

Thank you for your great products, Tony Cooper

Injury Recovery: Parneeta Gunn – US Military

Injury Treatment Kit : Muscle Pull Recovery - Parneeta Gunn

I still remember the day when my husband called me from the car telling me to help him out of the car. He couldn’t walk at all. He crawled to the bath room and it was such a stress for me. So I jumped on internet and quickly searched for anything that can help and I came across this website. I read everything about it and just a click away I bought my stuff from Qivantage. when the product arrived we straight away started applying and within 6 weeks my husband was feeling better and returned to work. I was just so lucky because we had to move to Europe which was our next duty station. I am ever thankful for this people for making such products. bless their talents and service. thank you again Qivantage.

Thank you, Parneeta Gunn

Injury Recovery: Tom Haist – Triathlete

In 2004, running sprints with my sons track team, I pull a hamstring muscle. In 2009, I started doing sprint triathlons and re-agrivated it. I couldn’t get it healed through the 2009 or 2010 season. In the winter of 2010, I found QiVantage on the internet. I had tried every other pain relief product, (Ben Gay, Icy Hot, Ibuprofen, Blue Goo, and pain patches) nothing healed the hamstring. Within a week of trying the recovery series, especially the wrap, the injury was gone. Here it is late March, I just finished running a 80 min workout getting ready for a 1/2 IM.

Thank you, Tom Haist


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