At QiVantage, we focus primarily on injuries that occur while undergoing physical activity. That might mean yoga, hiking, or team sports like football and basketball. Of course, muscle and joint aches aren’t limited to sports injuries. If they were, you could simply avoid exercise and thus the pain!

Out here in the real world, exercise can actually help prevent muscle and joint (M&J) pain by keeping your muscles and joints in good condition. Either way, M&J pain is something everyone has to deal with and lower back pain in particular can be painful.

That’s why we’re going to offer five tips for staying in shape!

1. Stretch Out Your Back

If you’re not suffering from back pain now, but frequently have in the past, you need to start stretching your back out. There are many ways to do this. You could practice yoga, for example. One especially great stretch is the cat-cow stretch.

Or if you have a gym membership, you could check to see machines made specifically for your lower back. You can also do crunches to develop your core strength, which can help reduce back pain.

2. Get a More Supportive Mattress

Do you go to bed feeling fine but wake up with a sore back? If so, your mattress and/or pillow might not be providing enough support. In many cases, a mattress that’s too soft is the culprit (although sometimes soft mattresses provide plenty of support.) So make sure you get a mattress that provides support for your back!

3. Use a Natural M&J Pain Cream

Need immediate relief? You should check out our natural pain relief cream, which can be applied directly to your back. You may find that your pain is melting away! M&J pain creams can provide immediate relief while you work on stretching out and strengthening your back.

4. Lose Weight (the Natural Way)

Sad fact is, the more weight your back has to hold up, the more likely you are to suffer from pain. So what’s the solution? Drop some extra pounds! Of course, weight loss is much easier said than done but with consistent effort you can do it. Losing just five or ten pounds could provide back pain relief.

5. Use a Hot Compress, Heating Pad, or Take a Warm Bath

Another instant relief trick is heat. A bit of warmth will melt away the pain while also helping your muscles relax. Heat can also get the blood flowing. So if you’re in need of instant relief and don’t have a natural pain relief cream on hand, try a warm back, hot compress, or heating pad!