School’s back for autumn! Across the country, kids are hitting the books, and also the gym and field. Playing sports and participating in gym class is great for kids and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, playing sports can also result in injuries.

Injuries are no fun. Your child might be sore or in pain and this could lead to him or her struggling to focus in class. He or she might even decide to give up sports altogether in order to avoid injuries. 

Fortunately, neither you nor your child needs to accept the pain! There are natural treatments you can use to reduce pain and help speed up the healing process. But first, let’s go over some ways to prevent injuries from occurring.

Preventing High School Sports Injuries

Make sure you warm-up: Don’t jump right into the gym, make sure your child is stretching out and warming up. This will loosen the muscles and help prevent injuries.

Cool down after:  Stretching and relaxing after your workout is just as important as a proper warm-up. Have a good day on the field? Stretch out and relax!

Stay in shape throughout the year: Some students let their exercise habits slip after basketball or football season ends. Bad idea! By staying in shape, you’ll improve your sports performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Wear equipment the right way: Sports equipment is vital for lacrosse, football, hockey, and other sports. Unfortunately, many students simply throw equipment on but don’t wear it the right way. Heck, a lot of students don’t even tie their shoes properly. Make sure everything is being worn properly!

Healing Injuries Naturally

If your child follows the above tips, he or she will reduce the risk of suffering an injury. However, injuries are a fact of sports and your child may suffer a sports injury anyway. This is especially true if your child plays a physical sport, such as football or basketball. Bumps and bruises are pretty much a part of the game.

Even if your child participates in a non-contact sport, such as long-distance jogging, injuries can occur. Fortunately, your child can use our sports injury treatment kit to potentially speed up the healing process! 

Is your high schooler suffering from pain? Check out the muscle and joint pain relief cream from our partners at Jadience! Also, try hot and cold compacts to reduce swelling and pain.

Sports injuries are a fact of life. However, you can reduce pain and speed up healing naturally.