Five Tips for Healing and Treating Lower Back Pain

At QiVantage, we focus primarily on injuries that occur while undergoing physical activity. That might mean yoga, hiking, or team sports like football and basketball. Of course, muscle and joint aches aren’t limited to sports injuries. If they were, you could simply avoid exercise and thus the pain! Out here in the real world, exercise [...]

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How to Make Sure Your Pupper Enjoys Spring

Spring is here! The cold winter weeks are behind us and the weather is starting to warm. Even if you have a few days of cold left in front of you, hang on because the warm weather is around the corner. Many people love springtime. It’s a chance to start anew. Fresh flowers, a cleaned [...]

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Hiking Health and Safety Tips and How to Treat Hiking Injuries

With the summer drawing to a close and the weather starting to cool, many people are going to be spending more time outdoors. One of the best late summer and early autumn exercise activities is hiking. A good long hike will help you get closer with nature while also helping you burn calories and strengthen [...]

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Perfect Sports for the Dog Days of Summer

We’re in the dog days of summer, so some of the days might be a bit too hot for a long jog or a soccer game. Just because the weather’s a bit too stifling some days, you don’t have to give up getting your workout on! When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consistency [...]

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