We’re in the dog days of summer, so some of the days might be a bit too hot for a long jog or a soccer game. Just because the weather’s a bit too stifling some days, you don’t have to give up getting your workout on! When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consistency is the key.

That being said, if you’re feeling a bit sore from your summer activities, now is a good time to take some days off to let your body heal. Taking a few short breaks here and there is good for healing your body and any sports injuries naturally. If you’re feeling sore, kickback for a couple days, and consider some of our many sports injury healing kits.


There might not be a better way to cool off under the hot summer sun than swimming. A dip in the local pool, lake, or ocean will help you cool off while also providing great exercise. Swimming is especially great because it’s low impact, which is good for your muscles and joints.


If you’re in the water, why not try some surfing? Surfing can be quite the challenge, but it’s a fun and fulfilling activity. Many people find boogie boarding to be a bit easier, and the boards are often cheaper, so consider this fun summer activity as well!

Scuba Diving

Not content with swimming above the water? Good thing you don’t have to limit yourself to that! Try scuba diving and discover everything that’s going on beneath the waves! Scuba diving is both exciting and is a great work out.

Indoor Soccer

The World Cup has been all the rage over the summer. In Russia, the weather is generally cool, so the soccer players have gotten to enjoy some relatively kind weather. If you’re in a hot area, you can see if there is an indoor soccer league or field nearby and join a game. Usually, the facilities are well-ventilated and air-conditioned.

Indoor Racket Games

There are many racket games, including tennis, that you can play indoors. This way, you’ll be out of the hot weather, but can still enjoy your favorite racket games. Besides tennis, badminton and squash are quite popular. Racket games are often high intensity, so make sure you take care of your muscles and joints.

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