Spring is here! The cold winter weeks are behind us and the weather is starting to warm. Even if you have a few days of cold left in front of you, hang on because the warm weather is around the corner.

Many people love springtime. It’s a chance to start anew. Fresh flowers, a cleaned out house, a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Spring is a favorite season for many and it’s easy to see why.

Do you know who also loves spring? Our pets. Many of our pets have spent the long winter cooped up inside. Unless you happen to own a breed of dog meant for winter, say a husky, your pooch has probably been inside far more often than not.

Fortunately, you and the pupper can start spending more time outdoors. Along the way, both you and your pet can get some exercise as well. That’s good for the body and soul.

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Take a Long Walk

The most obvious choice is often the best choice. Take your dog for a walk! Most dogs love walks. Simply grabbing the leash might be enough to get your dog in a frenzy. A long walk is great for you too. Set aside a good twenty to forty minutes and take your dog out and about.

How About a Hike?

If you and your dog are in decent shape, you could even go for a hike. While hikes are usually more intensive than walks, they offer a great chance for owner-pet bonding. And dogs love spending time in nature. Just make sure you don’t over exert yourself or your dog.

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Play Fetch

Many dogs love playing fetch and even the most energetic dogs can find themselves content after a long session of fetch. Of course, playing fetch is a great work out for you too. However, if you find yourself tiring before your pet, consider getting a frisbee. These disks will gently float for long distances and once you learn the proper technique, you won’t tire as quickly.

Visit the Dog Park

If your dog is the type that gets along well with other pets, then you should check out a local dog park. Your pet will get the chance to interact with other pets, which can be a stimulating experience. However, you should make sure your pet gets along well with others.

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