Note to Our Customers

We wanted to let all our customers know that QiVantage has agreed to be acquired by Jadience Herbal Formulas. The acquisition is scheduled to finalize on March 31, 2018.

Merging with Jadience will give all our customers access to the same great formulas you have always relied on from QiVantage just under the Jadience brand name. In addition, you will have access to additional all-natural products in the wellness and beauty categories.

Probably the most exciting outcome will be you will be able to purchase the Jadience branded athlete formulas directly on 

Here is a short FAQ to give you more specifics.

Who is Jadience Herbal Formulas? Jadience Herbal Formulas' products are rooted in Traditional Oriental Medicine similar to QiVantage.

You can find their exclusive Jade Spa Collection in hundreds of high-end spas and resorts, as well as thousands of healthcare practitioner offices throughout the world.

Jadience branded products are available on Amazon in North America and in Europe, as well as many other e-commerce and retail stores.

More information about Jadience Herbal Formulas can be found at and

What does this mean for you as a customer? You will still be able to purchase QiVantage products through the end of the month. All subscription customers will have their subscriptions canceled at the end of the month automatically.

Starting in April, you will still be able to purchase from However, for most products, you will be directed to the equivalent Jadience product on to purchase. All products come with free shipping and most qualify for Amazon Prime shipping. 

If the product is not available on Amazon you will be able to purchase it still on until it is available on 

What is next for the QiVantage team? Operations will be consolidated in San Diego, CA headquarters for Jadience Herbal Formulas. The entire QiVantage team is grateful for your support through the years. We hope you continue to use our formulas in whatever sport you play or ailment you have.

All best in your athletic endeavors!


Rob, Brad and the QiVantage Team

PRESS RELEASE - Sudbury, MA - 3/21/2018

QiVantage Agrees To Be Acquired By Jadience Herbal Formulas

QiVantage, the leading provider of all-natural formulas for sports injury and post workout recovery, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to be acquired by San Diego based Jadience Herbal Formulas, the leader in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

QiVantage‘s operations will be consolidated with Jadience and customers of both companies will have access to a broader range of topical sprays, baths, patches, and creams to address injury, muscle soreness, and digestive health. Jadience Herbal Formulas also offers a vast selection of professional beauty and wellness products, including skincare, body care, supplements, weight management, meditation, herbal pillows, essential oils, beauty devices and precious stone tools plus a line pet care products.

“We are proud that for 14 years we have been able to help tens of thousands of athletes recover faster from injury and soreness, naturally. We have helped athletes substantially reduce recovery time from common sports injuries like muscle pulls, sprains and repetitive use injuries. We have treated everyone from professionals in all major sports leagues, Olympians, college athletes to youth athletes with great success,” said Rob Lucier, Cofounder of QiVantage. “Jadience’s strong reputation and large Amazon presence will give our customers and athletes of all types greater access to our combined companies product lines.”

“QiVantage’s strong reputation in the athlete segment will give us access to a new base of customers,” stated Robert Sawinski, President of Jadience Herbal Formulas. “We believe the combined company will give QiVantage’s customers access to a much wider range of products not only for injury prevention, athletic recovery and performance but help with overall health, longevity, and wellness.”

The proposed transaction is expected to close by Mar. 31 2018. Customers will still be able to purchase from QiVantage’s web site for the next few months as the companies merge operations. Both companies are privately owned.

About QiVantage - QiVantage helps athletes recovery faster from common sport injuries and post workout soreness and stiffness. Our formulas come in easy to use wraps, sprays, baths and teas, lotions and therapeutic pads. All products can be easily integrated into your daily training or competition preparation and recovery. For additional information, please visit

QiVantage and QiVantage’s logo are registered trademarks in the US.

About Jadience Herbal Formulas - Jadience Herbal Formulas' products are rooted in Traditional Oriental Medicine and at one time in history were exclusive to East Asian Royalty. Over the years these secret formulas have been passed down through a family tradition and in 1999 were made available to the world.

With a vision to bring Eastern medicine to the West, the Jadience company was officially formed in 2003 to support the Spa & Resort Industry, as well as Alternative & Complementary Healthcare Practitioners with the emphasis on helping therapists enhance the overall beauty and wellness of their clients. Since this time, the

Jadience company has expanded its offering to include hundreds of beauty and wellness products.

Today, you can find our exclusive Jade Spa Collection in hundreds of high end spas and resorts, as well as thousands of Healthcare Practitioner offices throughout the world. Our retail selection of Jadience and EnlightAPet products are available on Amazon in North America and in Europe, as well as many other ecommerce and retail stores.

More information about Jadience Herbal Formulas can be found at and

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