Turn on the news and you might see some headlines mentioning “blizzards”, “snowmaggedon” and the like. It’s been a pretty cold and snowey winter so far, and many athletes have been forced to spend more time indoors than they’d want.

Unfortunately, the combination of cold weather and being cooped up can lead to sore muscles. A tender back, sore muscles and joints, there are many ailments that could afflict you this winter. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to get yourself back into peak shape.

It’s especially important that you take care of yourself if you suffer from arthritis or have experienced a muscle injury recently. Harsh weather can often aggravate such conditions. But remember, you don’t have to accept the pain. Let’s go over how you can relieve muscle and joint pain.

Make Sure You Get Your Stretching In

Some light stretching can loosen up your muscles and stretch them out. This can help reduce cramps and the risk of suffering muscle or joint injury. It can be hard to properly explain how to stretch, so click on this link so you can check out some videos and graphics.

Another great option is some at home yoga. You just need a mat and some knowledge. You can either take some classes at a yoga studio, before continuing at home, or pick up a video, if you need to learn how to perform yoga.

Do Light Exercise Around the Home

Car buried under snow and you don’t want to dig it out to go to the gym? Too chilly for a jog down at the park? It happens to the best of us. While it’s okay to skip the gym due to inclement weather, you shouldn’t skip working out.

Try some of the following indoor exercises:

• Pushups and Situps are great for your arms and core muscles
• Jumping jacks offer a lot of cardio in tight spaces
• Pick up some dumbbells to work out with
• Pop in your favorite audiobook and do some laps around the living room

Use Natural Muscle and Joint Healing Solutions

If you’re suffering from muscle and joint pain, you’ve likely suffered an injury or your joints/muscles are in bad repair. Fortunately, you can use natural healing kits to help your body along.

Often, your body needs some extra help when it comes to healing. This is especially true during the winter when you’re at risk of growing out of shape and your body is fighting off the cold, viruses, and everything else. So why not use a natural healing cream to speed things up? While your body heals, you can also use natural pain relief products to provide relief.