Regular exercise can be tremendously beneficial for your health. It’s not just about keeping off extra pounds, but also ensuring that your muscles are strong and toned, and that your body is in good shape overall. Regular exercise will help you live to the fullest and can even add years to your lifespan.

Of course, when you work out there is a risk of suffering a muscle and joint injury. Many of our customers buy our products to help repair muscles and joints that were hurt or worn out during a long, hard workout. That being said, when you work out properly, the benefits usually outweigh the risks.

It can be hard, however, to get the needed energy for a vigorous workout. You get off work, you want to hit the gym, but you just lack the energy. Pretty much anyone with a gym membership has been there, done that. That’s why we’re going to provide some tips for drumming up energy for a gym workout.

1. Skip Coffee and Go With Green Tea Instead

Coffee is a popular choice for a caffeine boost. However, coffee may contain too much caffeine for your workout needs. The problem with coffee is that while you’ll enjoy a strong initial boost, you’ll later crash as the caffeine wears off.

This is where green tea comes in. While green tea contains caffeine, the overall levels are considerably lower. As a result, you’re at less risk of suffering a hard crash. Green tea is also rich in antioxidants. When you work out, your body will often create an excess of free radicals, which can damage DNA. A healthy dose of antioxidants can keep your free radical levels in line.

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2. Eat Right and Right on Time

Your diet is vital for your health. While a strong workout can lead to healthy muscles, joints, and weight levels, you’ll have to couple those efforts with a healthy, balanced diet. This is especially true if you’re hitting up the gym regularly.

First, three to four hours before your gym workout you should eat some fruits, vegetables, and healthy carbs, such as organic oatmeal. This will provide you with carbs, fibers, vitamins/minerals, and proteins (which are vital for building muscle). If you’re still feeling a bit sluggish an hour before hitting the gym, try some natural (unprocessed) toast and peanut butter.

3. Stay Motivated

Finally, the biggest source of energy is going to be your personal motivation. Green tea and a healthy diet will help you get some chemical energy, but at the end of the day, your personal passion is what’s most important. You need to find your own sources of motivation, but one way to get started is to think about all of the benefits of working out.

This is a lesson we’ve learned from all the professional athletes who use our natural sports injury healing products. Personal motivation is what gets them over their personal humps.

Imagine a healthy, in shape you able to conquer mountains, or at least the local foothills. Think about being able to play with your kids or grand kids. Envision yourself racing across the finish line in a marathon. If you persist, you will succeed!

A lot of our customers were working out regularly until they suffered a minor injury. It can take weeks for even a minor muscle and joint injury to heal, and by the time it does, many athletes have lost their drive. If you’re feeling a little worn out or banged up from your workout, consider one of our natural muscle and joint healing kits.