At QiVantage, we’ve been helping athletes, including Olympians, recover from sports injuries for years. Unfortunately, even careful, cautious athletes are likely to suffer injuries from time to time. And we’ve certainly seen our fair share of injuries at the World Cup this month.

The scariest injury so far was probably the one suffered by Peru’s Jefferson Farfan. After colliding with a teammate, Farfan was knocked unconscious and temporarily paralyzed. Such traumatic sports injuries are certainly scary, and sadly there’s no natural remedy that can help. Fortunately, Farfan was not permanently injured.

Natural supplements can be used to treat other sports injuries, including bruised muscles, worn ligaments, and all the rest. Plenty of World Cup players have suffered said injuries both leading up to and during the tournament. These injuries may well change the outcomes of the games.

Juan Cuadrado, for example, suffered a thigh injury before the World Cup began but was able to recover. German Lars Stindl, on the other hand, suffered an ankle injury and was ruled out for the entire tournament.

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Meanwhile, Belgian star Romelu Lukaku has been ruled out for the upcoming match against England. Belgium has been one of the surprise teams this year and is currently tied with the UK in their Group. However, Lukaku’s injury will make Belgium’s road that much more difficult.

When it comes to sports injuries, it’s not always bad news. Michy Batshuayi suffered an ankle ligament injury back in April and many feared that he’d miss the World Cup. Rest, healing, and medical care, however, got Batshuayi back into shape. He appeared in a game versus Tunisia and scored a goal.

Injuries don’t just occur on the field either. One of Brazil’s superstars, Rodrigo Lasmar, had to be pulled from an important game due to back spasms. The source of the injury? He believes that it was his bed. Physiotherapy treatments have been helping, but Lasmar isn’t sure if he’ll be ready for Brazil’s up-coming game with Mexico. With the World Cup entering the knock out phase, an injured key player could result in a loss.

Anyways, let’s hope nobody else is hurt. Unfortunately, however, the odds of the elimination round being injury free are unlikely. Should you or a loved one suffer a sports injury, or hurt your muscles and joints in any way, first seek medical advice.

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