Universities, high schools, and middle schools across the country are starting up or already under way. For many children and teens, it’s going to be an opportunity not just to catch up with friends and learning, but also to play sports. Unfortunately, sports related injuries are part and parcel of any sport.

High school and university sports injuries are sadly quite common. Fortunately, many of these injuries are mild. Sore muscles, strained joints, perhaps a pull here and there. Often, some natural pain relief products and a few days of rest are enough to heal.

However, some injuries are more serious. Concussions have made their way into the spotlight over the past few years because they are, sadly, more common than previously realized. They’re also very serious and can have a long term impact on your life.

Other injuries, such as ACL tears, may require surgery and months of recovering. If you or your child are suffering from such a serious injury make sure you seek professional treatment immediately.

That being said, let’s look out for some high school and college sports injuries you should watch out for. Injuries can be broken down into several different categories, including acute, overuse, and catastrophic. Let’s go over each type and what you can do to avoid and treat them.

School Sports Overuse Injuries

Are bodies are amazingly resilient and capable of tremendous self healing. Still, engaging in high school sports may strain a student athlete’s body and cause an “over use” injury.

Overuse injuries are caused by overusing muscles and joints. Athletes who participate in sports that require frequent repetitive motions are the most likely to suffer from an overuse injury.

Some common overuse injuries include:

Tennis Elbow– inflammation of the tendons in and around the elbow
Pitcher’s Elbow– similar to tennis elbow but suffered by baseball pitchers
Runner’s Knee42% of overuse injuries are runner’s knee, which is the inflammation of the knee.

How to treat overuse injuries: Rest is vital. However, severe injury treatment kits may help speed up the healing process. All natural muscle and joint pain relief treatments can ease the pain.

Acute School Sports Injuries

Acute injuries are usually the result of sudden trauma. This might mean colliding with another athlete, falling, or something similar. Acute injuries might be minor, such as bumps and bruises, or they can be very severe, such as a torn tendon.

Common acute injuries include:

  • torn tendons and ligaments (sprains)
  • torn muscles (strains)
  • broken bones

The severity of the acute injury will largely determine how it’s treated. A several injury obviously requires medical attention. More minor injuries, including muscle and joint issues, may be treatable with rest and natural muscle and joint pain relief creams. However, it’s wise to seek medical advice when dealing with acute injuries.

Catastrophic Sports Injuries

Catastrophic sports injuries are those that lead to permanent damage, or even death. The head, neck, and spine are especially susceptible.

Catastrophic sports injuries include:

  • Concussions
  • Damage neck or spine
  • Severely damaged nerves

Seek the attention of a medical professional. It’s possible that natural pain relief supplements could provide lasting relief, but that’s something to worry about later on.