Understanding Your Injury: Pulled Calf Muscle

//Understanding Your Injury: Pulled Calf Muscle

Understanding Your Injury: Pulled Calf Muscle

A pulled calf muscle is one of the hardest injuries to ignore. The calf is responsible for a lot of our day-to-day activities, not to mention athletic performance. Standing, walking, running, and really any athletic activity is dependent on your calf muscles.

Understanding your injured calf muscle is important to healing correctly and getting you back on the field, court, or even just walking without pain.

The calf muscle stretches from the back of your knee to your Achilles tendon and pulled calf muscles are common in sports such as baseball, basketball, cycling, football, tennis and track and field.

It’s important to identify the severity of the injury. A “pulled” calf muscle is really a tear, it’s just a matter of how severe the tear is. There are three levels of potential tears to your calf muscle:


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