You put your poor tired feet through a lot every single day. Many of us spend upwards of eight hours on our feet every day at work, not to mention the time walking the dog, running, practicing, or even dancing.

Nearly every sport takes a big toll on our feet when cutting, running, jumping, cycling, or changing direction and if you’ve ever had a foot problem, you know that a tiny issue can turn into a huge problem very quickly. Foot pain can sideline anyone in an instant (see Peyton Manning from 2015).

Don’t you think it’s time you gave your feet some attention? Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can give your tired feet a break.



1. Keep up circulation

Lower body circulation tends to decrease with age, and reduced blood flow primes the feet for injury – it’s simply more difficult to overcome the daily stress on your feet without good blood flow for oxygenation and toxin removal. QiVantage has several key techniques for increasing lower body circulation, but one simple method is ankle circles. You can rotate your feet ten times in each direction to boost blood flow, which keeps your feet healthy (and your ankles limber).

2. Keep your weight in check

Keeping your weight under control is pivotal to good foot health. The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society ran a study and found that 41% of people with foot pain reported gaining weight before the pain started. Gaining as little as ten pounds can have an affect on your foot health. Extra weight puts unnecessary stress on the bones, ligaments, tendons, and heel tissue of your feet.

3. Use insoles

There are insoles that are made for virtually every foot style and condition out there. Insoles can help support your flat feet, take pressure off your heels, or just provide extra padding. When working out everyday, the cushion in your shoes can become compressed and thus provide less support. The use of insoles can also compensate for that issue.

4. Choose function over fashion

Far too often people fall into the trap of choosing what looks good over what is right for their feet. Most of us have made this sacrifice in the past and it never works out well. Trying to squeeze into a shoe that is too narrow or wearing shoes that aren’t meant for what you’re using them for is just begging for an injury. It’s important to take into consideration the purpose of the shoes, how they fit, and how they feel before considering fashion.

5. Proper fit

Every foot is different. Some are narrow, some are wide. Some have a high arch, some have flat feet. The point is that it’s always advisable to have your shoes custom fit for your running/walking style and foot style.

Proper sizing and fit are vitally important for runners and cyclists, but it’s also very important for all other athletes as well as everyday “Joes”. Take the time to have your running style analyzed at your local running shoe store. They should be able to see and support any issues that your feet have. Doing so will take pressure off the points of your feet that endure the most stress and therefore help prevent pesky foot problems. Even though we all order everything online nowadays, purchasing your sport shoes in store is definitely the way to go

6. Replace your shoes

While making sure your shoes are up-to-date is important in every sport, it is perhaps most crucial for runners. Most running shoes will last between 300-500 miles. We all want to save money where we can, but pushing your running shoes to 600, 700, 1,000 miles is a mistake that your feet will pay for. As all runners know, going for the cheapest option and running the shoes into the ground is a terrible idea. At that point you’re just setting yourself up for an injury. Pay attention to the outer condition of your shoes and listen to your feet. If they start hurting a little more after each run, it’s time to replace.

Our feet may be the most important extremity we have because of the beating that we require they take. Taking care of them now can mean the difference between running that extra mile or missing workouts all together because you can’t take the pain. Give your feet an extra boost with our Foot Energizer Spray! The spray helps increase circulation to the feet and lower body. Join all the athletes and professionals that spend the majority of their time on their feet and give your feet that extra boost!

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