How to Recover from a Strained Oblique

//How to Recover from a Strained Oblique

How to Recover from a Strained Oblique

Any time you strain a muscle, it’s painful and it will impact your day-to-day life, but that’s especially true when it’s a core muscle. Your obliques are part of your abdominal muscles between your pelvis and ribs, making up your waist. When you’re dealing with a strained oblique, seemingly the only thing that you can do without feeling the pain from that strain is dream about not being injured.

Oblique muscle strains are caused when you overstretch the area beyond its limits causing the muscle fibers to tear. They’re commonly caused by trauma from sports, overtraining in the gym (too many sit ups!), or can even be caused by blunt trauma from sports like martial arts or boxing.

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