6 Signs Your High School Athlete is Overtraining

//6 Signs Your High School Athlete is Overtraining

6 Signs Your High School Athlete is Overtraining

It’s that time of year – kids are going back to school, high school football is starting back up, and students are starting to think about college. Stress levels are high, but so is optimism and excitement. There’s a lot to look forward to this year and this season, but if your high school athlete is overtraining, it could put it all at risk.

Many high school athletes all over the world are focused on one thing right now – performing the best they can for their team, their teammates, and for their future. They know that if they don’t perform their best they could let their teammates down, they could fall short of their goals, and they could even lose out on scholarship opportunities. Because of these potential consequences to subpar performances, it’s easy for a high school athlete to overtrain.

As a parent, mentor, teacher, or coach it’s important to notice the signs that a student-athlete could be overtraining. Here are some very common signals that need to be addressed:


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