A groin strain is one of the most painful, frustrating, and unpleasant injuries an athlete can endure and it’s a common injury in most sports. It’s generally caused by a pull or strain of the adductor muscle and affects nearly any movement you make.

Quick and consistent treatment is very important to help the injury heal and heal as quickly as possible. Let’s take a look at our best treatments for a groin strain…



We’ve all heard this acronym. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. This is a tried and true immediate measure that should be taken immediately after the injury. It’s important to take a break from any physical activity after the injury to allow the muscles to recover properly. Ice should be used immediately to reduce swelling and help with pain. Remember to have something (cloth, paper towel, etc) between the ice and the skin. Ice for 15 minutes and off for 15 minutes. Compression and elevation will help to alleviate the swelling, though elevating the groin can prove to be a little difficult.

NOTE: Don’t overuse ice. It should be used only within the first 24 – 48 hours after the injury until the swelling has gone away. Ice slows down the blood flow thus slowing down recovery.

2. Anti-inflammatory

It’s important to eliminate any swelling as quickly as possible. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories can be very helpful in alleviating that swelling quickly.

3. Heat

Heat is one of the most important pieces to recovery of any injury. Heat will increase blood flow, reduce pain, reduce stiffness, and decrease muscle spasms, all of which are extremely important to healing your injury as quickly as possible. Once swelling goes down, you should switch your focus from ice to heat.

4. Injury Treatment Products

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of products on the market for injury treatment, but most just mask symptoms and pain, they don’t actually treat the injury.

For centuries, traditional martial arts masters have utilizes high-prized herbal formulas (often secret) to recover quickly while training in the mountain regions of East Asia. These formulas have been refined through the centuries to maximize their effectiveness. QiVantage is fortunate to have access to many of these formulas.

Our all-natural injury treatment product line is formulated from the highest quality herbs. Unlike most products our formulas are made from whole herbs (not extracts) and do not include any fillers. We guarantee their effectiveness and have helped thousands of athletes and non-athletes recover faster than they thought possible.

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5. Stretching & strength training

Once your injury starts to heal to the point where you’re not in pain during movement, it’s important to start easing your way back into your routine and sport. Start with light stretching 2-4 times per day and increase your workload from there gradually. Check out these great exercises from Muscle-Pull.com that you can implement into your rehabilitation when you’re ready for it.

Especially with a groin strain, it’s important to not rush yourself back to full activity without being fully healthy. Groin strains are known to become nagging injuries.


Injuries of any kind are very frustrating, but that is especially true of groin injuries. Frequently it’s very difficult to understand where to start your road to recovery and what the next step is in the process. We hope these steps help you get back to full strength as quickly as possible.

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