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Best Exercises to Get That Beach Body for the Summer

May 7th, 2019|0 Comments

Spring is in full swing and summer is nearly upon us. Many people are starting to head to the beach, although in some areas the water might still be too cold to take a long dip. Either way, there’s a good chance that you’ve begun to unpack your bathing suits and the like.

Unfortunately, you might find that your bathing suit is fitting too snugly and for all the wrong reasons. It’s easy to accumulate extra weight during the long, dark winter months. That’s why we’re going to offer several exercises and diet tips that you can use to get your body ready for the beach.

Start Doing Full Body Workouts

If you have a gym membership, it’s time to start using it. In order to get your body in shape for the beach, you’ll need to work out all of your muscles. It’s easy to focus on legs, arms, and what have you, but a fit beach body means paying attention to the […]

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Getting Prepped For the Iron Man Race

April 26th, 2019|0 Comments

The Iron Man triathlon is one of the most intensive races in the world. Many of QiVantage’s customers race in the Iron Man each year. Some complete the race, some don’t but everyone who tries will tell you that’s quite the test of endurance. If you want to take on Iron Man, you need to do a lot of preparation.

The Iron Man race starts out with a 2.4-mile swim. That might not sound too bad, but once you get going you’ll realize it’s a heck of a challenge. And you’ll have just two hours and twenty minutes to finish. Fail? Go home.

After that, you’re going to have to hunker down for a 112-mile bike ride. You’ll have eight hours and ten minutes to cross the finish line, so you don’t have to race, per say, but you’re going to need a lot of stamina.

Following the bicycle race, you’re going to need to complete a traditional running marathon. That’s good for 26.22 […]

How to Make Sure Your Pupper Enjoys Spring

March 28th, 2019|0 Comments

Spring is here! The cold winter weeks are behind us and the weather is starting to warm. Even if you have a few days of cold left in front of you, hang on because the warm weather is around the corner.

Many people love springtime. It’s a chance to start anew. Fresh flowers, a cleaned out house, a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Spring is a favorite season for many and it’s easy to see why.

Do you know who also loves spring? Our pets. Many of our pets have spent the long winter cooped up inside. Unless you happen to own a breed of dog meant for winter, say a husky, your pooch has probably been inside far more often than not.

Fortunately, you and the pupper can start spending more time outdoors. Along the way, both you and your pet can get some exercise as well. That’s good for the body and soul.

By the way, if your dog is feeling a bit sore from being […]

Why Athletes Should Detox Their Bodies This Spring

March 20th, 2019|0 Comments

Professional athletes often obsess over their health and body. They spend their careers monitoring their diet, working out, and otherwise trying to achieve physical perfection. Many professional athletes also detox their bodies.

When you detox your body, you attempt to flush out all of the toxins and gunk in your body. With spring having arrived, you might be looking to hit the field, track, park, or whatever else to start working out. Before doing so, however, you should consider detoxing.

When you detox, you’re cleaning out the system. A clean system, in turn, will help you perform at peak levels. A clean system could lead to better hydration, improved nutrition, and deeper sleep. All of which could lead to increased performance on the field.

It’s not just us saying this, either. Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, who specializes in helping athletes detox, reports the same thing.

How Can I Detox Naturally?

So interested in detoxing? If so, you should detox using natural herbs and supplements. […]

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Yes, Natural Sports Injury Treatments Can Help With Arthritis Too

February 28th, 2019|0 Comments

Each year, millions of people suffer from sports injuries. We’ve found that our products may be a big help for those who are injured. However, we know that when it comes to pain relief, athletes aren’t the only ones suffering. Consider that roughly 46 million Americans suffer from arthritis.

Like sports injuries, arthritis can be very detrimental to your health and quality of life. You may find yourself skipping the upcoming tennis match, or foregoing that long hike you’ve been dreaming of, all because of your arthritis.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to naturally reduce your risks of suffering from arthritis. There are also natural treatments you can use to treat muscle and joint pain. Let’s take a look.

Hot and Cold Helps

One of the most effective ways to quickly provide pain relief without resorting to drugs is to use a hot or cold patch. Both can provide quick pain relief. Of course, when you’re using either a hot or cold compress, you need to […]

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Dealing With Muscle and Joint Injuries (the Natural Way)

February 17th, 2019|0 Comments

Exercise is a vital part of any health and nutrition plan. If you don’t regularly work your body out, you could suffer from health problems even if you’re eating a healthy diet. Unfortunately, the more you exercise, the more likely you are to suffer a muscle and joint injury.

Of course, knowing your limits and exercising proper technique can help lower the risk of injury. However, the risk of suffering a muscle and joint injury will always be present no matter the precautions you take.

Fortunately, even if you have suffered a muscle or joint injury, there are steps you can take to ensure proper, natural healing. However, if the injury is severe or does not seem to be healing on its own, you should consult a medical professional.

Step One: Get Plenty of Rest

First, if you have suffered an injury, you need to take it easy. Even if that means interrupting your workout routine, it’s vital that you […]