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Tips For Getting All the Energy You Need for a Great Work Out

September 19th, 2018|0 Comments

Regular exercise can be tremendously beneficial for your health. It’s not just about keeping off extra pounds, but also ensuring that your muscles are strong and toned, and that your body is in good shape overall. Regular exercise will help you live to the fullest and can even add years to your lifespan.

Of course, when you work out there is a risk of suffering a muscle and joint injury. Many of our customers buy our products to help repair muscles and joints that were hurt or worn out during a long, hard workout. That being said, when you work out properly, the benefits usually outweigh the risks.

It can be hard, however, to get the needed energy for a vigorous workout. You get off work, you want to hit the gym, but you just lack the energy. Pretty much anyone with a gym membership has been there, done that. That’s why we’re going to provide some tips for drumming […]

Injuries to Watch Out For This High School and College Sports Season

August 23rd, 2018|0 Comments

Universities, high schools, and middle schools across the country are starting up or already under way. For many children and teens, it’s going to be an opportunity not just to catch up with friends and learning, but also to play sports. Unfortunately, sports related injuries are part and parcel of any sport.

High school and university sports injuries are sadly quite common. Fortunately, many of these injuries are mild. Sore muscles, strained joints, perhaps a pull here and there. Often, some natural pain relief products and a few days of rest are enough to heal.

However, some injuries are more serious. Concussions have made their way into the spotlight over the past few years because they are, sadly, more common than previously realized. They’re also very serious and can have a long term impact on your life.

Other injuries, such as ACL tears, may require surgery and months of recovering. If you or your child are suffering from such a serious injury make sure you seek professional treatment […]

  • hiking and hiking injuries and risks

Hiking Health and Safety Tips and How to Treat Hiking Injuries

August 14th, 2018|0 Comments

With the summer drawing to a close and the weather starting to cool, many people are going to be spending more time outdoors. One of the best late summer and early autumn exercise activities is hiking. A good long hike will help you get closer with nature while also helping you burn calories and strengthen muscle.

However, there are some dangers and risks that come with hiking, such as causing muscle and joint pain. In this article, we’ll go over these risks, as well as some health and safety tips. We’re also going to offer some all natural solutions for healing pain and ensuring a strong, healthy body!

[If you’ve suffered an injury, such as a pulled muscle, while hiking, consider trying an all natural injury treatment kit.]

1. Hiking is great exercise but tough on the joints

Hiking can be a great exercise, helping you to strengthen your leg and core muscles. However, hiking can be tough on your muscles and joints, […]

Five Great In Water Workouts For Losing Weight

July 24th, 2018|0 Comments

It’s hard to stay in shape. Between careers, family, and other commitments, there’s often simply not enough time to hit up the gym. On top of that, it’s tempting to skip healthy cooking and to just hit up the drive-thru lane for some junk food. Over time, these habits can result in weight problems.

Fortunately, there are many ways to lose weight. All natural weight supplements, exercise, and better eating habits can help you trim fat and to live a healthier, fuller life. When working out, it’s important to do only what you can and to not overexert yourself. If you don’t, you’ll increase the risks of suffering a workout-related injury.

In order to reduce the risk of athletic injuries associated with weight loss, we’ll outline five in water exercises that are generally less likely to produce injuries. In-water workouts are great because the water will reduce impacts on your muscles and joints. Again, however, the risk of a sports injury is real no matter what […]

  • swimming is a great summer activity credit Australian Paralympic Committee [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Perfect Sports for the Dog Days of Summer

July 11th, 2018|0 Comments

We’re in the dog days of summer, so some of the days might be a bit too hot for a long jog or a soccer game. Just because the weather’s a bit too stifling some days, you don’t have to give up getting your workout on! When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consistency is the key.

That being said, if you’re feeling a bit sore from your summer activities, now is a good time to take some days off to let your body heal. Taking a few short breaks here and there is good for healing your body and any sports injuries naturally. If you’re feeling sore, kickback for a couple days, and consider some of our many sports injury healing kits.


There might not be a better way to cool off under the hot summer sun than swimming. A dip in the local pool, lake, or ocean will help you cool off while also providing great exercise. Swimming is especially great because it’s low […]

Top Causes For Your Athletic Pains (and How You Can Treat the Pain Naturally)

July 2nd, 2018|0 Comments

Muscle and joint pain is a serious issue for athletes and everyone else for that matter. At first, a nagging pain might seem like nothing more than an annoyance. Tough players win, right? You can fight your way through the pain, no? Thing is, if left untreated a minor pain today could become a serious issue tomorrow.

Our bodies are amazing when it comes to healing. Think about a car, if you’re lucky it might last for 10 to 15 years (assuming daily use). However, many people now live to 80 years old or more. However, our body sometimes needs a helping hand. That might mean visiting the doctor’s office, or perhaps you could try some natural herbal joint pain relief treatments.

Whatever solution you choose, natural pain remedies or otherwise, it’s important to understand why you’re suffering pain. Let’s go over some common reasons athletes suffer pain.

1. Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are very common, although they are not the only source […]