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Here’s How Meditation Can Lead to Better Health and Sports Performance

October 16th, 2019|0 Comments

Doctors focus on treating diseases and injuries as or after they occur. While doctors urge people to use preventative medication and treatment, that often falls onto the shoulders of the individual in question. Doctors are simply too busy to guide patients day in and day out. One of the best forms of preventative care you can undergo is meditation.

Meditation is excellent for your mental health. It can help you focus and reduce stress. Reduced stress, in turn, is great for your cardiovascular system. Stress and anxiety will strain your cardiovascular system. Irregular blood pressure, insomnia, and other conditions associated with stress may be affecting your cardiovascular health and causing other problems as well.

The American Heart Association has found that regular meditation is associated with a reduced risk of heart attacks. Given that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, claiming 600,000 people each year in the United States alone, anything you can do to reduce risks could go a long way.

Want […]

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Avoiding High School Sports Injuries and Treating Them When They Do Occur

September 12th, 2019|0 Comments

School’s back for autumn! Across the country, kids are hitting the books, and also the gym and field. Playing sports and participating in gym class is great for kids and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, playing sports can also result in injuries.

Injuries are no fun. Your child might be sore or in pain and this could lead to him or her struggling to focus in class. He or she might even decide to give up sports altogether in order to avoid injuries. 

Fortunately, neither you nor your child needs to accept the pain! There are natural treatments you can use to reduce pain and help speed up the healing process. But first, let’s go over some ways to prevent injuries from occurring.

Preventing High School Sports Injuries

Make sure you warm-up: Don’t jump right into the gym, make sure your child is stretching out and warming up. This will loosen the muscles and help prevent injuries.

Cool down after:  […]

Five Tips for Healing and Treating Lower Back Pain

July 19th, 2019|0 Comments

At QiVantage, we focus primarily on injuries that occur while undergoing physical activity. That might mean yoga, hiking, or team sports like football and basketball. Of course, muscle and joint aches aren’t limited to sports injuries. If they were, you could simply avoid exercise and thus the pain!

Out here in the real world, exercise can actually help prevent muscle and joint (M&J) pain by keeping your muscles and joints in good condition. Either way, M&J pain is something everyone has to deal with and lower back pain in particular can be painful.

That’s why we’re going to offer five tips for staying in shape!

1. Stretch Out Your Back

If you’re not suffering from back pain now, but frequently have in the past, you need to start stretching your back out. There are many ways to do this. You could practice yoga, for example. One especially great stretch is the cat-cow stretch.

Or if you have a gym membership, […]

How to Enjoy a Healthy Summer Jog

June 27th, 2019|0 Comments

Jogging is one of the best ways to stay in shape. A good jog will tone your muscles, burn calories, and work out joints. Unfortunately, jogging can be hard on your knees and other joints. This can result in muscle and joint pain.

There are some steps you can take, however, to relieve muscle and joint pain, and to reduce strain. In this article, we’ll briefly outline how you can make jogging easier on your muscles and joints. However, if you are already suffering from M&J pain, consider using a natural therapeutic cream to provide relief.

1. Get a Good Pair of Shoes

First thing’s first, you need a good pair of jogging shoes. Unfortunately, low-quality shoes won’t provide the necessary support. As a result, you could end up suffering from sore joints and muscles. You could even injure yourself.

What shoes are best for you? Honestly, you’ll have to try some different shoes on to find the one that fits best.

2. […]

Best Exercises to Get That Beach Body for the Summer

May 7th, 2019|0 Comments

Spring is in full swing and summer is nearly upon us. Many people are starting to head to the beach, although in some areas the water might still be too cold to take a long dip. Either way, there’s a good chance that you’ve begun to unpack your bathing suits and the like.

Unfortunately, you might find that your bathing suit is fitting too snugly and for all the wrong reasons. It’s easy to accumulate extra weight during the long, dark winter months. That’s why we’re going to offer several exercises and diet tips that you can use to get your body ready for the beach.

Start Doing Full Body Workouts

If you have a gym membership, it’s time to start using it. In order to get your body in shape for the beach, you’ll need to work out all of your muscles. It’s easy to focus on legs, arms, and what have you, but a fit beach body means paying attention to the […]

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Getting Prepped For the Iron Man Race

April 26th, 2019|0 Comments

The Iron Man triathlon is one of the most intensive races in the world. Many of QiVantage’s customers race in the Iron Man each year. Some complete the race, some don’t but everyone who tries will tell you that’s quite the test of endurance. If you want to take on Iron Man, you need to do a lot of preparation.

The Iron Man race starts out with a 2.4-mile swim. That might not sound too bad, but once you get going you’ll realize it’s a heck of a challenge. And you’ll have just two hours and twenty minutes to finish. Fail? Go home.

After that, you’re going to have to hunker down for a 112-mile bike ride. You’ll have eight hours and ten minutes to cross the finish line, so you don’t have to race, per say, but you’re going to need a lot of stamina.

Following the bicycle race, you’re going to need to complete a traditional running marathon. That’s good for 26.22 […]