Here are some guidelines to help you recover faster and avoid future injury.

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Qivantage Recovery Tips

  • Treat an injury with Recovery Wrap Kits – Use the recommended number of Recovery Wraps to ensure the fastest recovery.Directions for the Recovery Wrap. Be sure to use the Recovery Spray or Therapeutic Recovery Cream between treatments for the first 7-10 days.
Injury Grade Recommend Wraps/Treatment
Moderate (Grade 1) 1 Wrap / 2 Consecutive Treatments
Severe (Grade 2) 2 Wraps / 4 Consecutive Treatments
Nagging or Chronic 3+ Wraps / 6+ Consecutive Treatments
The more damage your body is trying to overcome, the more help you need. Successive treatments penetrate deeper into the tissue to help your body heal faster and give you greater peace of mind. It is better to err on the side of over treating for best results. Our products are 100% natural and safe for all ages. If you don’t need the extra treatment, keep it on hand. They are good for 1 year and if you or someone you care about gets injured, it’s great to be able to put one on right away.


  • Move lightly as soon as possible – Do light stretching of the injured area to prevent atrophy and to enhance circulation. Movement also prevents the buildup of scar tissue. That said, don’t move too much too soon – you’re body needs time to recover. See the Qi Therapies or our video section for simple stretches. Typically you can start moving 3-7 days after your injury, but always start out lightly.
  • Build strength gradually – Once pain and tenderness are reduced to low levels, start to strengthen the area while continuing to build flexibility. If it feels good from the previous day, add a few more reps or a little more resistance.
  • Get in the water, if possible – If you have access to a pool, start to run or swim in the pool. The bouyancy of water takes the stress off joints and muscles, but also allows you to build strength because of the resistance. Stretches and onland exercises can also be done in the water for effective recovery.
  • Test it before going full speed – Try and test your readiness before jumping back to full speed. This helps prevent reinjury.
  • Train and play smart – Once you are back in the game. Train smart using QiVantage Performance Series of products to help you recover daily from the stress and strains of athletic training that can otherwise lead to injury.

Performance Series

Here is a highly regarded book by Dr. Nicholas DiNubile that gives many specific exercises and routines to safely and effective improve your muscle and joint health.

Framework offers techniques for building strength and flexibility, for maintaining range of motion, and for stretching, as well as techniques for avoiding reinjury that athletes usually learn after they have been hurt.

“It’s a must read for anyone who cares for his or her body, and wants it to last.” Arnold Schwarzenegger