Injury Treatment Kits

Injury Treatment Kits

Speeds recovery from muscle pulls, tears, sprains, bruises and other common sports injuries.

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Just wanted you to know I’m very pleased with the wrapped. Here is my story. I’m an avid athlete that plays football, basketball, weight training and running. On September 16th. I was playing flag football and injured my hamstring. What I thought was a minor strain turn into a serve injury and there were no external symptom’s apparent. However, I could not extend my left leg out to run or walk. When I received the recovery kit I was so excited to use it; because I have tried other so called fixes but they all involved long treatments with ice, heat and stretching and no success. So, when I heard that I could possibly walk in a few days I was truly excited. I got and used the CHI and now I am walking without a limp or any sign of injury. Can you believe that I went for a small run on yesterday and couldn’t walk three days before! Furthermore, I only used the CHI on Friday and Saturday for eighteen hours per day. I can’t wait to see what I feel like on Sunday when I play with the team again.THANKS A MILLION THE CHI WORKS!
Anthwan Washington, Torn Hamstring, Football and Basketball

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