QiVantage Injury Index

In December of 2005, QiVantage and Active.com conducted a nationwide survey of 510 endurance athletes (287 women and 223 men) ranging in age from 16 to 66. Respondents represented 44 out of 50 States throughout the US. The survey was conducted on the Active.com website – athletes were not QiVantage customers.


Injury rates for all endurance athletes surveyed (last year)

Of the 510 athletes surveyed, 91% sustained an injury last year. Fewer than 10% remained healthy all year long.

Athletes Injured in a Year

Figure 1. Percentage of athletes injured in a given year

Types of injuries sustained

Of the athletes surveyed who sustained injuries, here is how they were distributed. The top 3: Knee pain, back pain and hip pain.

Types of Injuries Athletes Sustain

Figure 2. Types of injuries sustained

Weeks of training missed because of injury

How much time did athletes need to sit out because of injury? Over 50% of the athletes surveyed missed 2 weeks or more of training.

Training missed from Injury

Figure 3. Weeks of training missed due to injury

Injury rates by age group

Injury rate was largely independent of age group. Regardless of age, about 90% of athletes suffered an injury during the year.

injury rate by age group

Figure 4. Injury rates as a function of age

Injury rates by gender

Men and women sustained injury at a similar rate.


Figure 5. Injury rates as a function of gender