QiVantage releases the Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Patch

Customers have been asking for the Recovery Wrap effectiveness in an easy-to-use self stick application. The Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Patch is the answer.

Sudbury, MA November 30, 2010

The patch is easy to apply, has no odor and has the same all natural and effective ingredients as the concentrated Recovery Wrap formula.

Muscle and Joint Patch

Check out the Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Patches

QiVantage Releases Three New Lines of Formulas

QiVantage, distributors of the Recovery Wrap, a popular topical formula which helps athletes recover from muscle pulls and strains, release several new product lines.

Sudbury, MA January 1, 2009

Since 2005, QiVantage has been distributing the Recovery Wrap to athletes across the United States as a means of aiding recovery for muscle pulls, strains, sprains and bruises.

QiVantage, which has traditionally been focused on injury recovery, is now expanding its product line to include 19 products overall. The products are broken into 4 areas: Injury Recovery, Stress Relief, Performance and Prevention, and After Sun and Sport.

Each line includes a variety of targeted formulas to help athletes deal with the common challenges of athletics.

“Athletes face difficulties in pursuit of excellence. It can be muscle and joint soreness, an injury, stress from competition or constant travel, or fatigue from a relentless schedule. While the circumstances are somewhat different, the challenges are the same as they have been for centuries.” says Rob Lucier, co-founder of QiVantage.

QiVantage has created specific product lines to help athletes quickly alleviate these stresses, achieve more on a day to day basis, and preserve muscle and joint condition for better health in the future. To see an overview of the 4-Series System, watch this video:

QiVantage Athlete appears on Oprah Winfrey Show

QiVantage Athlete Nancy Heilman is invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show for her achievements in traditional martial arts as a senior citizen.

Sudbury, MA February 28, 2008 — At age 66, it is common to be losing mental and physical abilities. But Nancy was invited to appear on Oprah because of advances she has made in her health and condition. On a special episode entitled “The Age of Miracles: The New Midlife” Nancy credits her traditional martial arts practice for improving her quality of life. Part of her practice is the use of QiVantage formulas, which have been used by martial artists for centuries. Completely natural and time-tested, QiVantage’s topical herbal formulas can be used to help relieve stress, improve energy and recover from injury. After having dealt with a recent ankle sprain, Nancy reports “I was amazed at how quickly the inflammation disappeared and the pain subsided. My ankle healed well before my doctor had predicted. Thanks again QiVantage.”

QiVantage Athlete appears in More Magazine

Nancy Heilman, a senior athlete who incorporates QiVantage products in her daily practice, appears in Moore Magazine in an article for athletic women over age 40.

Sudbury, MA October 20, 2007 — Nancy Heilman is a martial artist who began her martial arts practice at age 53. Currently in her mid-60s, Heilman states that traditional martial arts has helped her become “stronger, quicker, better coordinated, more flexible, calmer and more fit than she has ever been.” Part of her daily practice schudule is the use of QiVantage formulas to help relieve muscle and joint soreness, and increase overall ability.

QiVantage Athlete in More Magazine

National Survey by QiVantage Finds 90% of Endurance Athletes Will Sustain an Injury This Year

Taking into consideration factors such as age, level of competition, warm up routines and money spent on nutrition, supplements and equipment, the survey exposed intriguing findings regarding injuries and injury prevention.

Sudbury, MA April 4, 2006 — The QiVantage Injury Index just released found that 9 out of 10 competitive runners, cyclists and triathletes sustained injury last year. Surprisingly, the injury rate remained constant regardless of age, gender, injury prevention strategies and spending on equipment and nutrition. Even those who spent more than 20 minutes daily on injury prevention sustained injuries 90 percent of the time.

Sponsored by QiVantage, a provider of time-tested, natural products that help athletes speed recovery, prevent injury, and maintain a healthy condition, and Active.com, one of the Web’s most popular resources for active lifestyles, the QiVantage Injury Index surveyed 510 competitive athletes nationwide. Paramount to a successful year is good health, but as endurance athletes ramp up their spring training for the season ahead, the odds are against making it through the season without some sort of problem: of athletes surveyed, 24 percent missed more than a month last year because of injury, with 50 percent missing two weeks or more.

QiVantage Injury Index and QiVantage Injury Index Detailed Results

Dr. Meg Jordan Interviews the Founders of QiVantage on Her Global Medicine Hunter Radio Show

Dr. Jordan Highlights How QiVantage Formulas Can Help Athletes and Others Speed Recovery and Prevent Injury

Sudbury , MA February 15, 2006 – QiVantage founders, Brad Heilman and Rob Lucier, were invited to speak on the Global Medicine Hunter (part of the Health Radio Network) on January 22, 2006 as guests of Dr. Meg Jordan. Meg is a woman who has motivated millions to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Author, speaker, international health journalist, registered nurse and a clinical medical anthropologist, she is one of the most recognized names in health and wellness reporting.

QiVantage Unveils Natural Products to Speed Recovery and Help Maintain Overall Conditioning

Herbal Formulas Allow Endurance Athletes to Speed Recovery Time, Prevent Injury, and Improve Conditioning

Sudbury, MA November 16, 2005 QiVantage, a provider of time-tested, natural products for athletes that speed recovery, prevent injury, and help maintain a healthy condition, today announced its full line of products and a new, revitalized Web site.

The product line, dedicated to addressing the need to avoid injury and ensure better recovery from training and competition, features topical formulas that help the body naturally balance joint, muscle, tendon, and ligaments stresses caused by the daily rigors of endurance training. Particularly valuable for triathletes, marathoners, and cyclists, the topical products are based on improving and balancing a person’s Chi (pronounced chee), an East Asian term for the life energy that flows through everyone’s body. When Chi, moves smoothly, your body stays balanced, readily heals itself and functions optimally. Blocked or stagnant Chi decreases ability and reduces strength, resulting in pain, injury or illness.