QiVantage Fact Sheet

Founded: Oct. 2004.

Mission: QiVantage was established to bring unique, time-proven herbal formulas and treatments for athletes of all abilities to help them perform better, recover faster and maintain a healthy condition longer. QiVantage’s goal is to give athletes an easy to use, all natural method to improve present abilities so they can better enjoy competing today, and maintain joint health and overall condition so they can have a better quality of life in the future.

What is Qi? Pronounced chee, Qi is the life force that flows through your body. When Qi moves freely, your body stays balanced, can quickly heal itself and function optimally. However, when negative energies stress your body, blockages form that impede the flow of Qi, often resulting in fatigue, pain, reduced mobility, injury, or illness. Aging, toxins in the air we breathe and food we eat, as well as aggressive training can cause Chi circulation stagnation and imbalance. QiVantage products are specifically formulated to release blocked energy and create a clear pathway for Qi to flow optimally through your body.

Who uses QiVantage products? QiVantage formulas are used by everyone from youth athletes up to professional. Athletes need to stay healthy, whether completing daily practice or competing in a big game or event. Athletic training causes strains on the joints, muscles and internal systems, but often athletes do not allow their mind and body to fully recover after training or competing. QiVantage formulas help the body naturally balance joint, muscle, tendon, and ligament stresses caused by the rigors of endurance training. In addition, QiVantage formulas help invigorate the mind and body while restoring your energy level naturally so you can return to training at full strength sooner.

What are QiVantage’s products?
QiVantage formulas come in easy to use wraps, sprays, baths and teas, lotions and therapeatic pads. All products can be easily integrated into your training or event preparation and recovery. All products can also be used with other training or treatment methods and products.

Our Product Lines include:

Recovery Series – this series is meant to aid in the recovery of common sports injuries. Several products and kits are available, based on severity of your injury.

Performance Series – This series is for daily training and competition. Use these products to help prevent muscle and joint soreness that can eventually lead to injury. At the same time, our products help increase energy and endurance to help you perform at optimum levels.

Stress Relief Series – Competition and the necessary preparations invariably bring about stress which degrades ability. Use this product line to relieve tension, and maintain the clear-mindedness necessary for success.

After Sun and Sport Series – Most QiVantage products are for the muscles and joints, but this line is specifically designed to help out the largest organ of the body – your skin. Protecting it and keeping it healthy and youthful is important for overall ability.

Distribution: QiVantage products are available at the QiVantage site: www.qivantage.com and other retailers.


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