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//Injury Treatment Kit

Injury Treatment Kit


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Give your pulled muscle, sprain or bruise what it needs to recover quickly. The treatment kit eliminates swelling, reduces pain and speed your body’s natural healing process.

Helps the body heal faster from (Grade 1) pulls or sprains. Get back in the game.

(Ideal for torn bicep, quad pull, hip flexor strain, sprained elbow, rolled ankle or other common sports injuries.)

This kit gives you all the tools you need to address a moderate (Grade 1) injury and get you back in the game quickly.

The Injury Treatment Kit includes the Recovery Wrap along with a 5 pack of Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Patches. These all natural, externally applied products are made using safeguarded formulas from East Asia that have been refined through the centuries to help promote the body’s natural healing ability.

The Recovery Wrap is our pro-grade injury recovery product. The Recovery Wrap comes with one jar of Recovery Paste which gives you 2 treatments. Each 12-hour, deep penetrating treatment helps eliminate swelling and remove toxins that have settled in the injured tissue.  In addition, with each treatment circulation is increased to the area which brings much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissue so it heals quickly and naturally.

The Muscle and Joint Patches are applied after the Recovery Wrap treatments to continue the healing process. Each patch gives you 12 hours of recovery therapy.  The patches continue the healing started from the Recovery Wrap.

In addition, you will receive FREE access to QiVantage’s Athlete Advantage website. Here you will find specific rehab exercises to regain range of motion and build strength so you can return completely recovered.

You will recover faster, guaranteed. If you’re not happy with the results, let us know and we refund your money. It’s that easy.


Suggested Protocol:

The following is a suggested protocol for using your kit. The order of events outlined here is our suggestion, but you can alter it based on your circumstances and schedule.

Day 1Apply Recovery Wrap treatment 1 (see details below). Wear for 8-12 hours (typically overnight) then discard paste.



Day 2Apply Recovery Wrap treatment 2 (see details below). Wear for 8-12 hours (typically overnight) then discard paste. Use the Recovery Spray between treatments 5-10 sprays, 3 to 4 times during the day or as schedule permits.


Day 3 PlusApply a Therapeutic Muscle and Joint Patch each day until your supply runs out. Use the included Recovery Spray as needed.


While the Recovery Wrap will typically feel good while it is on, its main benefit comes a few days to a few weeks after removal. The wrap helps to boost your body’s circulation. Once your body is functioning properly, it can proceed more effectively with the recovery process.

The Muscle and Joint Patch and the Recovery Spray both augment the effects of the Recovery Wrap.

During the recovery process, it is good to do some light stretching as long as it isn’t painful. Once you begin to regain mobility and pain lessens, begin developing strength. Access the Athlete Advantage website, where you’ll find specific exercises to help build strength and flexibility.

Detailed Recovery Wrap Application Directions

  1. Shape recovery paste – Remove 1/2 of the recovery paste from the jar (save the rest for the second treatment). Shape and cover the area of your pain with a thickness of 1/4 inch or greater.
  2. Wrap paste in gauze – Use the included gauze to cover the recovery paste. This helps the paste keep its shape while wearing it and makes removal easier.
  3. Secure onto body – Use the included medical adhesive tape to completely cover the recovery paste. Secure onto your body directly over the area of pain. Further secure with the included elastic bandage. The wrap should be snug, but not cut off circulation.
  4. Wear for about 8-12 hours (typically overnight) – Remove after 12 hours and discard everything except the elastic bandage.


  • 1 Recovery Wrap which includes: 1 jar of Recovery Paste (2 treatments), 1 Recovery Spray (1 oz. bottle), 2 large pieces of gauze, 2 large (5″ X 5″) pieces of medical grade tape, an elastic bandage and application directions.
  • Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Patches (5 pack). The same ingredients as the Recovery Wrap, in an easy-to-use stick on patch that can be worn as you start to resume exercise.
  • FREE access to QiVantage’s Athlete Advantage website (will automatically terminate after 3 months).


Specific ingredients for each product can be found on their respective product page.  Below are the product links:

We use the finest ingredients and do not use fillers in our products.  See our Product Quality Assurance Pledge for more details.

1 review for Injury Treatment Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tonya Brooks

    My son got hit head on with a helmet on his thigh during a football game….left a nasty bruise and was painful to walk.

    A teammate told him to try a Qi Wrap…I wasn’t sure but ice was doing much. Decided to give it try because of the guarantee.

    Stunned! After doing the 2 treatments and using the stick on patches the bruise was completely gone. Within a week he was back practicing again pain free.

    Keep a few Recovery Wraps and Muscle & Joint Patches on hand now for any injury or tweak my kids get in sports.

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