Recommend a Proven, Recovery Solution and Earn Yourself a $15 Coupon!

As a customer of QiVantage, you’ve already experienced the incredible healing power of herbal therapy. You understand that an injury needs increased circulation, decreased swelling, and toxins removed.

YOU know all of this. But do your friends and acquaintances?

As a once injured athlete (who has felt the benefits of our all-natural products) you’d naturally want to share your discovery of QiVantage with your friends and family. And now, we’re giving you a chance to do exactly that with our Refer-A-Friend program!

Simply sign up for our Refer-A-Friend program and we’ll email you a special url to send your injured friends and/or family members. The url will take visitors directly to our main site where they can see all of our treatments and make the best choice for their unique needs.

Then, once they buy, we’re going to give you a $15 coupon to use toward your next QiVantage purchase. It’s a simple process. So, sign up now and start helping your friends and family get on the path to recovery!

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