Brad Heilman and Rob Lucier founded QiVantage (originally called Chi Herbal) to provide athletes with formulas and methods of preventing injury, speeding recovery time, and maintaining a healthy condition longer.

QiVantage Founders PhotoIn the combined 40 years we have spent practicing and teaching Traditional Martial Arts, we have personally witnessed thousands of students experience the benefits of proper herbal formulas and movement. In hopes of reaching a broader audience, we began teaching Traditional Asian Health Methods seminars. These seminars, which focus on how to relieve stress through acupressure, topical herbs and movement, reinforce our belief that people are looking for effective methods of self-care. At this same time, we also saw many athletes who, despite wanting to mentally and physically improve, were suffering from the pains and injuries of repetitive training. We founded QiVantage to provide time-proven herbal formulas for athlete self-care.

Brad taking a New York City marathoner through a Qi Therapy and explaining the benefits of Qi Formulas.

QiVantage At NYC Marathon Expo - 2004In October 2004, we had a booth at the New York Marathon Expo. While at the booth, an older Englishman hobbled over with his son alongside. Now in his mid-seventies, the senior stated that he used to enjoy running, but had ruined both of his knees and had to stop. At this point in life, he had a son and grandchildren, but had lost much of his mobility and with it, quality of life. This affirmed our desire to bring QiVantage formulas to all athletes interested in improving their ability for the present but also preserving their condition for the future.

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