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Injury Treatment Kit – Severe


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Quickly reduce the pain and swelling of a severe joint or muscle injury. This kit cuts recovery time and speeds your body’s natural ability to heal.


Get back playing again. Ideal for severe (Grade 2) pulls, Tears or sprains.

(Ideal for torn hamstrings, groin pulls, calf tears, sprained ankles, swollen knees or other common sports injuries.)

Severe injuries require more assistance, and the Severe Injury Treatment Kit is the answer. Containing two Recovery Wraps, a 5 pack of Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Patches plus a tube of Extra Strength Therapeutic Recovery Cream, this kit can help any athlete return to practice and competition quickly.

Start with the 2 Recovery Wrap, our pro-grade injury recovery product. This gives you 2 jars or 4 treatments of Recovery Paste. Each 12 hour, deep penetrating paste treatment helps eliminate swelling and remove toxins that have settled in the injured tissue. In addition, with each treatment increases circulation which brings much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissue so it heals quickly and naturally.

The Muscle and Joint Patches work like the Recovery Wrap to give you 5 additional days of therapy. Each patch gives you 12 hours of recovery help.  Also, use the Therapeutic Recovery Cream whenever you are not doing a treatment.  You can also use the cream before and after exercise to warm up and protect the injured area as you start rehab.

Why is it important to treat an injury properly? When part of the body is injured, circulation is impaired, energy does move properly and the healing process is often impaired. Without an effective treatment, the injured body part can remain “stuck” with little improvement day-to-day. Toxins are retained, scar tissue forms and in some cases the body never fully recovers. The treatment kit improves circulation assisting the body’s natural recovery processes, and kick-start healing.

Plus you will receive FREE access to QiVantage’s Athlete Advantage website, which will give you specific exercises and stretches to regain strength and flexibility in the injured area.

You will recover faster, guaranteed. If you’re not happy with the results, let us know and we refund your money. It’s that easy.


Suggested Protocol:

The following is a suggested protocol for using your kit. The order of events outlined here is our suggestion, but you can alter it based on your circumstances and schedule.

day1Apply Recovery Wrap treatment 1 (see details below). Wear for 8-12 hours (typically overnight) then discard paste.



Day 2Apply Recovery Wrap treatment 2 (see details below). Wear for 8-12 hours (typically overnight) then discard paste. Use the Recovery Spray between treatments 5-10 sprays, 3 to 4 times during the day or as schedule permits.


Apply Recovery Wrap treatment 3.  Wear for 8-12 hours (typically overnight) then discard paste. Use the Recovery Spray between treatments 5-10 sprays, 3 to 4 times during the day or as schedule permits.


Day 4Apply Recovery Wrap treatment 4. Wear for 8-12 hours (typically overnight) then discard paste. Use the Recovery Spray between treatments 5-10 sprays, 3 to 4 times during the day or as schedule permits.


Day 5 PlusApply Recovery Cream and Muscle & Joint Patches as needed to the injured area. The patches contain the same ingredients as the Recovery Wrap and are great to use as you start to resume exercise. The cream can be applied anytime during the recovery process to augment the healing process.


If you feel well enough to return to training, we recommend that you do so, but do so with caution. Don’t overstress the injury too soon. Even if it is feeling good, your body is still likely working through the healing process. If you do return to training, use the Therapeutic Cream before and after to help alleviate stress.

It is good to do some light stretching as long as it isn’t painful. Once you begin to regain mobility and pain lessens, begin developing strength. Visit the Athlete Advantage website, to find specific movements to help build your range of motion and strength.

Detailed Recovery Wrap Application Directions

  1. Shape recovery paste. Remove 1/2 of the recovery paste from the jar (save the rest for the second treatment). Shape and cover the area of your pain with a thickness of 1/4 inch or greater.
  2. Wrap paste in gauze. Use the included gauze to cover the recovery paste. This helps the paste keep its shape while wearing it and makes removal easier.
  3. Secure onto the body. Use the included medical adhesive tape to completely cover the recovery paste. Secure onto your body directly over the area of pain. Further secure with the included elastic bandage. The wrap should be snug, but not cut off circulation.
  4. Wear for about 8-12 hours (typically overnight). Remove after 12 hours and discard everything except the elastic bandage.


  • 2 Recovery Wraps (4 treatments). Each Recovery Wrap includes 1 jar of Recovery Paste (2 treatments), 1 Recovery Spray (1 oz. bottle), 2 large pieces of gauze, 2 large (5″ X 5″) pieces of medical grade tape, an elastic bandage and application directions.
  • Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Patches (5 pack). The same ingredients as the Recovery Wrap, in an easy-to-use stick-on patch that can be worn as you start to resume exercise.
  • 1 Therapeutic Recovery Cream – Extra Strength (4.5 ounces). Rub on anytime to continue the healing process.
  • FREE access to  QiVantage’s Athlete Advantage website (will automatically terminate after 3 months).


Specific ingredients for each product can be found on their respective product page.  Below are the product links:

We use the finest ingredients and do not use fillers in our products.  See our Product Quality Assurance Pledge for more details.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs

4 reviews for Injury Treatment Kit – Severe

  1. Bill James

    Used it on a severe hamstring tear, I got playing football. Worked like a champ. Instead of being out 4 to 6 weeks like my doctor told me I was back practicing in 2 weeks and played a game 3 weeks after the initial injury…truly awesome!

  2. Tommie Caskill

    Pulled my groin playing hockey. My doctor told me to use ice and Advil and rest it for about 4-6 weeks. On my friend’s advice, I ordered the Severe Injury Treatment Kit. I was skeptical but desperate. It arrived quickly at my house. Put on as soon as I got it.

    Next morning, I woke up and my groin area turned black & blue and sore…I was panicked so I called QiVantage and spoke to their Injury Specialist. She said that was a normal part of the healing process. Basically, it was internal bruising coming out of my muscle. On her advice, I did the second treatment. The next morning I woke up, the pain was gone and the black & blue started to fade. Did the rest of the treatments and some of the rehab. Within a week, I felt almost 100%. I started back slowly but played in a game 3 weeks after the injury and have been fine ever since.

    Amazing product…I tell everyone about it! It works!

  3. Carla Smits

    My son tore his calf senior year during preseason. He could hardly walk. Thought he might miss a big portion of the season. Did an internet search and came across QiVantage. I liked that it was all natural and there were a bunch of positive reviews.

    Put it on the first night we got it. Next day my son said the pain was all gone. Did the rest of treatments and within a week he was walking normally. Had him do the rehab movements on the Athlete Advantage site in conjunction with rehab movements his school trainer had him do. Within 3 weeks he was back practicing….only ended up missing one game and played the rest of the season without any issues.

    As a side bonus, he and I started using the Recovery Cream for day to day soreness…works like a champ….your products are awesome…and did I mention all-natural!

  4. Josie Mercer

    Sprained my ankle jumping off my horse. Swelled up so I went to the doctor and he confirmed it was a sprain. He recommended staying off it completely for a few weeks….well I’m not one to sit still so I starting looking around on the internet. Found QiVantage and decided to give a try.

    After the third treatment, the swelling plus the black and blue disappeared. After the last treatment, the pain was completely gone and I could walk without any pain. Took their advice, and ran in a pool and did some swimming for the next 2 weeks. Felt stronger than I did before. Three weeks to the day after the injury I was back riding at full speed. Still feel great now 2 months after the injury.

    I felt compelled to leave a review… great on sprained ankles.

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