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The Recovery Wrap


Give your pulled muscle, sprain or bruise 24 hours of deep-penetrating therapy to reduce pain, swelling and kick start your body’s healing process.



The Effective Aid for Muscle and Joints

The Recovery Wrap is a kit containing everything you need to address an acute injury such as a muscle pull, sprain or strain, or a bruise. It also provides relief from a variety of chronic conditions.

The unique herbal paste in the Recovery Wrap helps to harmonize the injured area by increasing circulation and removing toxins. Pain and swelling decrease and strength improves. The result, The body recovers more quickly, naturally and fully.

Professional and youth athletes alike have used the Recovery Wrap to return to play sooner. Whether you sustained your injury today, or months ago, the Recovery Wrap is the effective aid for muscle and joint pain.


Suggested Protocol:

Shape herbal paste – Remove 1/2 herbal paste from jar (save the rest for a second wrap). Shape to cover the source of the pain with a thickness of about 1/4 inch or more.
Wrap paste in gauze – Use the included gauze to cover the herbal paste – this helps it keep its shape during wear, and makes removal easier.

Secure onto body – Use the included medical tape to completely cover the herbal paste and secure onto your body, directly over the source of pain. Further secure with the included elastic bandage. Wrap should be snug, but not cut off circulation.

Wear for about 12 hours (typically overnight) – Remove after 12 hours and discard everything except the elastic bandage.

The next day, repeat steps 1-4 for the second application. After the second wrap, use the Recovery Spray to further aid recovery and relieve itchy skin (10 sprays, 2-5 times per day until gone).

Contents: 4 ounce jar of Recovery Paste, 1 fluid ounce bottle of Recovery Spray, 2 pieces of gauze, 2 pieces of medical adhesive tape and 1 elastic bandage.

Supply: 2 treatments.


Recovery Paste: Zingiberis officinale, Morus alba (Bark), Triticum spp. Flour, Morus alba (Leaf), Mentha haplocalyx, Stephania tetrandra, Paeonia veitchii, Clematidis, Achyranthis bidentatae, Pueraria lobata, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Alumen, Cinnamomi ramulus, Artemisia argyi, Menthae piperita, Saposhnikovia divaricata, Eucalyptus globulus, Vinegar, Natural Fragrance Oil.

Recovery Spray: Distilled Water, Clematis Root, Mugwort Leaf, Tang-Kuei, Notoginseng, Mentha, Achyranthes Root, Mulberry Bark, Hoeln, Sophora Root, Vinegar, Japanese Teasel Root, Other Herbal Extracts, Grapefruit Extract, and Natural Fragrances.

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