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Special One-Time Upgrade Offer

(Offer expires in 05:00 minutes)

Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Patch

Get 5 More Days of Therapy.

Special Price: $30.00 $15.00 (50% savings)


Add 5 additional Muscle & Joint Therapeutic patches to your order. Each patches gives you 12 hours of continuous therapy as you start to rehab or resume activity.

Add in the next 5 minutes and we will ship for FREE with your Recovery Starter Kit order.


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QiVantage Formulas

Watch to learn more about the entire QiVantage product line. Discover how our all-natural formulas can help you recover faster, train smarter and perform better.


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QiVantage Brochure

QiVantage Brochure

Learn more about the entire QiVantage product line.


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