Programs to Enhance Your Practice

As a therapist or practitioner your goal is to help your patients get better and stay healthy. QiVantage's formulas complement most therapies to enhance your patients results and provide you with an additional revenue stream.  

Possible ways to use our products:

  • Integrate our Recovery Wraps and Therapeutic patches as part of your in clinic treatment to help reduce inflammation and pain.  Have the patient wear home to continue the treatment outside the clinic.
  • Use formulas from our Recovery or Performance Series as an at home follow up treatment to enhance the results from your in-clinic treatment. 
  • Sell our unique formulas in your office to help keep your patients healthy.
  • Sell our products on your website or refer your patients  to our site and earn referral commissions.

We give you several options to make it easy to integrate QiVantage products with your practice and earn additional revenue.  We offer the following type of accounts:

Practitioner Account - You receive a 50% off wholesale discount on all products you order for your office or clinic.  Obviously, you can use as part of your treatment methodology or just offer the formulas for sale in your office.

We'll include product brochures with all orders.  In addition, we will list your clinic in our therapist directory and link to your website.  

Referral/Affiliate Account - Earn commissions up to 20% on sales through a specific referral link set up exclusively from your practice.  You will have your own account on to track referrals and commissions.  

We provide banners, templates, and other materials for promotion.  There is no minimum balance or fee for payout . We pay out monthly via PayPal.  If you don't have PayPal account, it is free to set up.  

To get started with either or both types of accounts, just click the button below and fill out a short questionnaire.

Physical Therapist

Use our formulas to enhance your patient's results.

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