I was referred to your product by a co-worker who gave me an unsolicited testimonial. I have always been interested natural remedies and healing options and decided to give your product a try. It was a little more expensive that I had hoped but at the same time, I felt it was worth a try. When I received the product I was not incredibly impressed because of recovery spray had leaked into the package. By no means did this ruin the product as a whole. I thought you know I will just let them know so they can maybe prevent this from happening again. I have, to be honest, I am incredibly impressed that you send me a whole new kit. I was not expecting this at all.

I had a severe ankle sprain with heavy bruising that was affecting my job and costing me several vacation days. I applied the first kit to my sprained ankle when I got it and by the end of the second day 85% of the bruising was completely gone and the range of motion was increasing. I don’t know if its a cure all but it definitely help and I would buy it again. Thank you for the product and for your excellent customer service.

Jon Leavitt

I thought your products + follow up were great ! I was back on my bike @ close too 100% a lot sooner than I expected,when I felt that tare.

Cliff Mortensen

It worked so well… Also I have 3 herniated discs in my neck. I also used the recovery wrap on my neck and it did help reduce the pain. My neck condition is chronic and I had neck surgery 18 years ago and this has helped me reduce my pain level.

Douglas Harczak, Neck / Hernitated Discs

It worked, when nothing else seemed to be working. I’m back playing ice hockey after 7 weeks off the ice. 10 days ago I had pain radiating from my groin up into my thigh muscle. After six days wearing the wrap and using the spray, I was able to wrap the groin with just an ace bandage and play a hockey game. It’s not yet 100%, but much of the pain is gone.

Ed Tompkins, Groin, Hockey Player

My son could not use this product because your customer service rep said not to use it on genitalia. My son’s injury was first diagnosed as a groin muscle strain, but when did not heal for about a year we had him examined by a different sports medicine physician.

Jennifer Madden-Askew, Groin Pull / Injury

The fact that it improves circulation and removes toxins is what attracted me to the product. That seems the approach that would make sense. Easy to use and all natural. Oh, and it worked for a speedy recovery.

Cynthia Guenzel, Calf Pull / Injury

Thank you so much for the information on your product, the background history of CHI/Qi, the training tips messages and for your remarkable product. I am an avid runner, my daughter a competitive gymnast and with excessive training, injuries are difficult to avoid even with the most careful athlete. Since purchasing your product, I have promoted it’s name and your follow up web information to many gym friends and coworkers at a major hospital and rehabilitation center in N.J.Hopefully, you will continue to receive the acknowledgement and success you deserve.

Barb Solt, Runner & Mom

It works and works quickly. Nothing more needs to be said.

N. Z. Bryant, Hamstring Pull / Injury, Track and Field

Hope you saw Drew on TV last Saturday Washington vs USC. He started at free safety, had 8 tackles and played very well. Drew is feeling much better. The Recovery Wrap did wonders along with the finest Physical Trainers in the country allowed to overcome his hip flexor injury. Thank you so much for the information on Chi, I love it.

Kenny McAlister, Hip Flexor Injury, College Football

I applied the herbal compound six days after injury, leaving on for ten hours. The next day I was able to walk with very little pain. My PT was quite amazed at my recovery, me too!

Sharon Levine, Torn Calf Muscle, Field Hockey Player

Thank YOU! I just used it for the first time on my right calf (and was very skeptical, mind you!) and felt amazingly better after the 2 days. So now I’m going to use it on my other calf!

Karyn Morse Solky, Calf

It is rare when you come across a web company or any company for that matter that has great customer service but QiVantage is super responsive and know what they are talking about. Great company. I tell all my friend in the horse world about you guys.

Bruce Ekert, Hip Flexor Injury

It helped me with my shin splints in the middle of track season. I completed the season without any problems…definitely recommend it to others.

Virginia Darwin, Shin Splints, Track and Field

After I limped home, I Google groin injuries and found your product. i ordered it express and used the herbal patch on my injured area. It felt much better after 2 days. I was on crutches in the beginning, and was able to get rid of them within the week. I have also used the patch on an injured ankle, with much success. And I ordered more when my grandson injured his shoulder. He used it and it helped him. And this year, I had a tenant snowboard coach who also injured his shoulder during the sport. I brought him what was left from the prior purchase and he used it with good success. he was back out on the snow in a few days.

Sonja Ducharme, Pulled Groin Injury, Winter Skier / Snow Boarder

As an Iron man distance triathlete, I put a lot of stress on my body. Thanks to Chi Herbal products, I am able to combat the stress and fatigue that long hours of training hands me. My personal favorites are the Foot Energy and the Revitalizing formula. The Foot Energy gives me instant relief of the common aches and pains in the lower extremities associated with high mileage cycling and running, and the Revitalizing Formula aids in quick restoration of optimal physical and mental energy levels to get me through those critical peak training weeks. The regular use of both has become integral to my training and my racing.

Rick Casella, , Triathlete

My accident was while doing yard work trying to lift a 250lb bucket of branches and fallen limbs in March of 2010. Not expecting this prior to my USTA Tennis season I was desperate to be able to get back on the court quickly. I used the hamstring patch for two weeks along with PT for three weeks and was back playing in 4 weeks. I literally could not weight bear for the first 3 days without excruciating pain. My doctor as well as physical therapist could not believe how quickly my bleeding hamstring cleared up within a week. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Susan Zimmerman, Hamstring Pull Injury, Tennis Player

Just wanted you to know I’m very pleased with the wrapped. Here is my story. I’m an avid athlete that plays football, basketball, weight training and running. On September 16th. I was playing flag football and injured my hamstring. What I thought was a minor strain turn into a serve injury and there were no external symptom’s apparent. However, I could not extend my left leg out to run or walk. When I received the recovery kit I was so excited to use it; because I have tried other so called fixes but they all involved long treatments with ice, heat and stretching and no success. So, when I heard that I could possibly walk in a few days I was truly excited. I got and used the CHI and now I am walking without a limp or any sign of injury. Can you believe that I went for a small run on yesterday and couldn’t walk three days before! Furthermore, I only used the CHI on Friday and Saturday for eighteen hours per day. I can’t wait to see what I feel like on Sunday when I play with the team again.THANKS A MILLION THE CHI WORKS!

Anthwan Washington, Torn Hamstring, Football and Basketball

Easy to use and it worked beyond my expectations. He was told it would be 4 weeks until he could stand due to his calliopes tear but he was up and walking in 16 days – 8 days after first use of the product.

Robert Dages, Hip Flexor Pull / Injury, Baseball Player

I liked how easy to use your products are. Plus they work great!

Richard George, Hip flexor Pull / Injury, Track and Field

It worked! Also, it was easy to apply. In addition, you guys offer great customer service. Being that I wanted the best treatment I had additional questions. Your staff helped me immediately! Thanks!

Rebecca Duenas, Calf Pull / Injury, Extreme Sports

Gentlemen: I am 60 years old and have been an athlete all my life. Thirty years ago I started recreation running and have enjoyed running all this time with very few injuries. Two months ago I experienced a muscle pull and started my normal recovery process of ice then heat and muscle ointment. I was getting no sustained results and became very frustrated. It was at this point, just before making an appointment with my doctor, that I went on line and saw your site. Studied the information and then called and spoke to someone there who was very helpful and sounded legitimate. I ordered two wraps and when they came in last week I put them to immediate use as directed. Just like a miracle after 24 hours using the Wrap I was completely free of pain. I have gradually increased my running distance each day until today when I run my normal 3.2 mile course. It is the most incredible medical healing I have ever experienced or been around. Thank you for making this amazing product available.

Robert Harris, Pulled Muscle, Running

I purchased the product for my daughter. She had been complaining of shin splints for 3 months. After wearing the wrap she said the pain was gone I was amazed. I purchased the product for my 14 year old daughter. I was a little skeptical at first but I started reading the testimonials from other users so I decided to give it a try since I had already wasted money on other products that didn’t do what they promised. I said to myself what’s one more? After wearing the wrap for 12 hours low and behold she said the pain was gone. I must say that this product really works. I would tell anybody that is thinking about buying this product to go a head and buy it. IT REALLY WORKS!

Wanda Newkirk, Shin Splints, Track

I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know that my daughter had a pretty bad strained quad, and about one week after using your recovery kit,she was back on the softball field where she belongs. She says that her leg feels 100%. Thank you for everything.

Eric Phillips, Strained Quad, Softball

It stopped my pain where the doctors meds that I was taking weren’t stopping the pain and after I followed the directions I improved by 90%. I still have some pain but nothing at all like I was and hope that in more time I will be healed all the way.

John Christensen, Pulled Groin Muscle

I have had a recurring Achilles injury for years which usually takes weeks of rest to heal. However, with one application of the Athletic Wrap my Achilles felt better within a few days. And I was back to training 100% in no time. In addition, I use the Foot Energy after hard workouts so my legs feel fresh for the next training session the following day.

Juli Jones, Achilles Injury, Triathlete

The pain and swelling was cut to about half after the first application. After the second application I was walking normal again and was able to light exercise. A lot of people I work with and some family members made fun of me for ordering the product until they witnessed the results.

Brian Cauthon, Hip / Groin Injury

I have noted significant improvement in the chronic pain from 3+ months. The pain is not totally gone, but much better. I was skeptical about the product, but it has worked well, and far better than what the doctors have done for me thus far. The instructions were good and easy to follow.

Andy Anderson, Groin Pull, Cycling Enthusiast

I had excruciating pain for over a week, my doctor told me to ice the area and take pain pills, which provided no relief. Saw your product advertised and decided to give it a try. After first application, pain seemed to decrease immediately, after second, pain hardly noticeable, could sleep nights and put on my socks and tie shoes, product is great and will use it again. Plan to show my doctor at next visit, to a better way to treat hamstring pulls. Thanks for a great product and great relief. Therapy e-mails have been a great help also. Thanks again.

Melvin Sturdahl, Hamstring Pull

As promised, I wanted to get back with you for an update on the healing process. I know, it has been over one month and I want to apologize. You may not even remember me? I was the one who took forever for my shin splint to heal. I injured myself in February and tried your product in March. You sent me an additional recovery kit for free because I had little to no improvement after using the first kit. You also, generously and kindly, reimbursed me for the first kit because of my lack of response and awful skin reaction to your product. My skin looked like a 3rd degree burn. Well, I want you to know that it took an additional month for the skin to heal and the skin to stop itching. The deep pain also stopped by then and by the tenth or eleventh week, I could walk briskly and even jog a bit without any discomforting pain. Now, I feel pretty much completely recovered with no trace of injury. My injury much have been very deep and extensive. I want you to know that now, I am pretty much a believer in your product. I do feel the kits helped in my complete recovery. If I were to have another shin splint (God help me…I hope not!) I would use your product again…and, use it sooner upon initial injury. I will also recommend your products to others. To be smarter, unlike before, I plan to shed some pounds, work on strengthening my leg muscles, and work out with a lower impact routine before attempting jogging again! Thank you for all your tid bits too. Your company is a class act!

Sharon Leibert

The product seemed to work, but it is hard to tell how much because I don’t know what the results would have been had I not used your product. I did appreciate the follow up emails. I would say I am about 80-90 % recovered. Still can’t full out sprint, but playing tennis with no problems.

Rick Flanigan, Groin Pull, Tennis Player

I have to say I was a skeptic of your product. During my younger days when I use to cage fight I severely injured my groin to the level of unable to walk or even when I would try to get out of bed I basically had to roll out of bed, and it took 3 months to even ride a bike.This time I injured my groin surfing the north shore of Hawaii and it was worse than the first time. This time I had five inch long to a little over one inch wide bruising on inside of my leg and a pull up toward my lower abdomen which I thought it was a hernia on top of the groin pull. So needless to say I was desperate and wanted to heal correctly and as fast as I could. I found your website and I said to myself I have nothing to lose. With your product, icing, Ibuprofen thirteen days later, I am doing laps in a pool. I cant wait till next week to be able to bike swim and surf. The term R.I.C.E. should be changed to rest,ice, and chi.

Rick Miller, Groin & Hernia, Surfer

Just wanted to tell you how much we love the Chi product!! You really should contact RUNNER’S WORLD magazine and get some advertising in. My 14 yr old daughter rolled her ankle 2 days prior to our County Championship Track Meet (10 schools) We “child” her for 2 nights and she not only won, but got a PR. We had to Chi her leg prior to the Jr Olympic State Championships which had a knot in it, she went on to WIN the gold medal and State title for the 1500m. We really believe in CHI and tell everyone we meet in the running world! Thanks for providing such a great product!

Sherri Eschbach, Sprained Ankle, Running

I have now had two experiences with the Recovery Wrap and both have exceeded my expectations. Frankly, I was skeptical that it could deal with the two issues I had. First, I had knee pain for about 20 years and had to stop running because of it. (I had lost cartilage in my left knee from years of running.) After two applications of the wrap and a couple of months rest, I was able to begin running again and worked my way up to 48 minutes without pain. I can now use the elliptical trainer and bike at the gym as well. Recently I was diagnosed with a stress fracture of the ankle. I gave it three weeks of PT, ice and support with little improvement. I used the wrap once and felt immediate relief. I don’t know how or why it works, but my personal experience with it convinces me that work it does.

Chuck Schwager, Knee Strain / Pain, Runner

Well my story goes like this. I pulled my groin playing baseball and played through it as there was only a cpl games left. After the season i did the RICE like every one says to do. Well as time went by it wasn’t getting much better. so i started looking for a different treatment. I found QiVantage and thought why not give it a try. I got one treatment and after using it and a weeks rest. I have to say I am feeling much better. I would say that with as long as i dealt with it from end of Sept to late Jan with just one treatment there is more then a 50% improvement. I was totally impressed!!!

Eric Kukura, Groin Pull / Injury, Baseball Player

This product worked wonderfully. My son used it for 2 days as directed and by the 3rd day, his pain was gone. He was able to resume his conditioning and running for spring baseball. Last season he had this same problem with hip flexor. Since we didn’t know about your product, he saw the orthopedic doctor, and chiropractor and had to ice and rest, missing several weeks of baseball season. We are very satisfied that your product worked!

Virgina Simon, Hip Flexor Injury, Baseball

You guys ship products fast. I got my first order yesterday.

Rosemary Barksdale, Shin Splints

I too have experienced fast results. After 2 treatments, I still have mild painbut at least the “gate” of walk is normal again. I have injured my hamstringthree times in three weeks and your product was used to assist recoveryafter trying to get back into the Martial Arts too fast after 18 years of notraining. My mind still expects my body to do things it simply is notcapable of supporting. I have a serious injury here that will take a long time to get to any level that remotely resembles what I used to do so many years ago. I am 53 now and after injuring the same ham three times, in three weeks, I now know that I have to be very patient and judicious about my training.

Paul Shoenfelt, Hamstring Tear, Martial Arts

Your kit did the job again. I personally used one of your kits for a calf injury earlier in the year and was back competing in about 10 days vs. 6 weeks with the same injury 2 years ago. The hamstring kit I purchased for a teammate of mine who indicated he strained / pulled his hamstring 10 days before he needed run the 2nd leg on our 4×100 relay. Not only did he run pain free on our relay, he won the 100 meters 40-44 age group at the Penn relays. Thanks for your continued help.

Anthony DiSalvo , Calf Pull / Injury, Sprinter

I’m 48 years old, very active. I go to the gym 4 times a week, spinning 2 of those days and I play hockey 2 to 3 times a week. I pulled my groin playing hockey 2 Saturdays ago, the next three days it hurt to walk, couldn’t workout or skate. I received the recovery kit on Thursday, used it that night and again on Friday night, went to the driving range Saturday morning and played hockey in the afternoon for 2 hours with just a little pain. I used it again on Saturday night just to be sure, got up Sunday went to the Cape and played golf without any pain. Today I feel great. I just put the last application I have on my 72 year old mothers bad knee. She needs a little convincing. If I had enough of the stuff I would pretty much cover my body to get rid of all my aches and pains. You have a great product.

Ken Crowley, Pulled Groin, Hockey Player & Golfer

Yes there has been great improvement, so much so that my therapist and doctor say they have never seen anyone at any age heal as fast as I have, especially considering the severity of my injuries. Thank you…

Pete (Crazy-man) Patterson, Various leg injuries, World Class Jet Skier

The QiVantage you sent me was for my star midfielder- I coach the Dana Hall Varsity Soccer team in Wellesley. She has very tightquads and has to do extensive stretching before every practice and games.She has suffered a number of pulled quad injuries and we have tried justabout everything PT has to offer. I ordered the Recovery Wrap and she tried it- very positive results so far. Just thought I’d let you guysknow…sometimes its the 8 centuries old medicine that works the best.

Rob Ayres, Pulled Quad Muscle, Soccer

It is rare when you come across a web company or any company for that matter that has great customer service, but QiVantage is super responsive and know what they are talking about. Great company. I tell all my friends about you guys.

Bruce Ekstrom

Hello QiVantage,One week ago I applied your Chi treatment on my leg for approximately 12 hours. The next morning, the tightness and pain seemed to be gone. I ran with no pain and continue to do so over a week later.If I didn’t experience this, I would not have believed it. I am very happy with your product, and should I need to use it again, I would not hesitate. Thank you for your help, and customer support!

Richard Elsasser, Leg Injury

I have a severe groin muscle pull and find your product on-line. My injury was so severe that I was going to do everything possible to heal it. I decided to buy you recovery kit and give it a try. Surprisingly I was able to get up on a second day and start moving and after the second kit was used I was walking with just a little pain that was gone in a 3 days. I had this type of injury before and the healing process was taking a months. I was so thrilled about it and in todays days when everybody’s service just getting worst and worst your customer service is outstanding. After I bought the first kit and loved it I called you and get a very nice discount for the next purchase. Thank you so much! Your emails are very helpful. I’m telling about your product to everyone I know, and my husband already bought a couple kits for his mother to treat her knee injury. It works as a miracle! Thanks again!

Tatyana Pinkster, Groin Pull

I cannot recall if I have ever sent a comment letter to any company before. In your case however, I strongly feel I have to. And no, this is not a bad thing at all. Your product worked as advertised. And yet, what has impressed so very much with you guys is all the helpful emails that followed after my order. I don’t know if these emails are automated or not, and I don’t really care. What I like about them is that it showed you cared.All your emails were so timely and helpful and made me feel like I made the right choice in going with you guys. I will strongly recommend you to my fellow soccer referees and friends. Best of luck and keep up your great work.

Kayvon Pejooh, Hamstring Tear, Soccer

It improved my hamstring quickly. Worked better than advertised!

Todd Dillon, Hamstring Pull / Injury, Basketball Player

I am very please to say your instuctions were excellent and after two applications, then the spay on my shine splint for a week, the soreness has gone. I am continuing to were the tenor bandage in the daytime. Thank you for your help and assistance.I am now going to try it on my shoulder where I have bursitis in therotator joint. I hope it works as well.

June Martin

Well, my first usage of the recovery wrap was great. I had and still have some pain in my illiacus muscle/groin area, but much improved. This product erased the pain significantly. Even my limp is fading. I should have mentioned first of all that I’m suffering from two aliments, the groin area and have been told from a MRI scan that I have severe arthritis in the hip joint area from an injury incurred years ago, as why now I think I’m feeling the majority of pain these days, Thanks to the recovery wrap which help to alleviate pain from the illiacus muscle area.

Sandra Smith-Hopkins

I did treatments consecutive nights in a row. The bruising has almost completely disappeared from where the torn muscle is. The recovery from the soreness in the muscle seems to be quicker. I think that this is accurate and not just my imagination. Thank you for your timely responses to my support questions

Jack Rodgers

It worked great… I used it on a pulled hamstring that was recovering and it seemed to recover even quicker. I also have a patella tendon issue in my left knee. I used the product on that as well and it feels much better. Thanks.

Kevin Weeks

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt response to my order. Your customer service rep. was very courteous & helpful. I have done my first treatment & it feels better already. It’s nice to deal with people who actually serve their customers.

Bill Royan

Guys, much to my surprise, I have to admit that your product performed very well and reduced my swelling dramatically. I was looking to rehab a torn calf quickly to participate in town league softball playoffs. I’m 49 years old and have played in this league for 22 consecutive years. Unfortunately, I re-tore the calf in a sprint down the first base line. But I was grateful to get in 2 1/2 games that I otherwise would not have likely played in. I was quite impressed with the results and would use your product again – though I find it to be a bit pricey.

Chris McVey

It was effective! My son feels 85% better! Also, when I called and left a message regarding 2 topics, a representative returned my call within 24 hours. I was very impressed! I think this product is terrific and I would definitely purchase it again. I have already recommended this product to a friend and he has purchased it.

Lauren Ripoli

Thank you for your email series it answered a lot of questions I had. This product amazes me. I had pain for two weeks and finally went to a sports doctor. After x-rays he said he couldn’t find anything wrong. He said come back in two weeks if its not better. The pain was so bad I couldn’t wait two weeks . I found your product on line and can’t believe after two days I have very little pain. Thanks!

Ronald Olson

I recently made a purchase of a repair kit, as you know, and wanted to send some feed-back. The kit was purchased for a 14yr old girl who received a torn quad playing fast-pitch softball. Positioned in the outfield, she laid-out for a fly ball and tore her quad in the process. Being that the weather was 39 degrees and 80% moisture in the air that day, it created an optimum situation for the outcome of her leg. She did, however, try to play the next week in the team’s tournament and had to be benched, for obvious reasons.

We made the purchase, applied the recovery paste and spray, with success. We started the treatment on Tuesday, with the second application being applied Thursday and by Sunday she was ready to hit the field. She will be following the recovery advise of a steady progressive return, but she has iterated that her leg feels as good as it did on day one of the season and will be ready for this week-ends nationals qualifier.

My recommendations to Anyone looking for a quicker recovery/resolve to their issue(s).

I will be giving my own recommendations to anyone who inquires, as well. Much thanks for making such a product available to those in need.

Jared Hogan

This product isolates just the area needing attention versus taking a pill that effects the entire body. It also speeds recovery time which mean less down time. In the past we’d do rest, ice, compression, and elevate, which as you now can take weeks. We still do “rice” until we can get the chi on before bed and the next day (it’s a miracle), it’s as if there was no sprain. Been using this product for the past 3 years and tell everyone I know about it, and best of all–it’s herbal.

Jessica Allen

In 2004, running sprints with my sons track team, I pull a hamstring muscle. In 2009, I started doing sprint triathlons and re-agrivated it. I couldn’t get it healed through the 2009 or 2010 season. In the winter of 2010, I found QiVantage on the internet. I had tried every other pain relief product, (Ben Gay, Icy Hot, Ibuprofen, Blue Goo, and pain patches) nothing healed the hamstring. Within a week of trying the recovery series, especially the wrap, the injury was gone. Here it is late March, I just finished running a 80 min workout getting ready for a 1/2 IM.

Tom Haist

I still remember the day when my husband called me from the car telling me to help him out of the car. He couldn’t walk at all. He crawled to the bath room and it was such a stress for me. So I jumped on internet and quickly searched for anything that can help and I came across this website. I read everything about it and just a click away I bought my stuff from Qivantage. when the product arrived we straight away started applying and within 6 weeks my husband was feeling better and returned to work. I was just so lucky because we had to move to Europe which was our next duty station. I am ever thankful for this people for making such products. bless their talents and service. thank you again Qivantage.

Parneeta Gunn

I severely tore my hamstring running wind sprints. An MRI revealed an almost complete tear. I was in severe pain and my leg was grossly swollen, so my doctor prescribed anti-inflamatories and pain killers. However, I do not like these drug so I was looking for alternatives, when I came across your product. I was skeptical but desperate. Within minutes of applying the products I began to feel better, but I thought there must be a topical painkiller and it was little more than that. But soon I could feel the blood pumping to my injury and I became optimistic. The next morning the swelling was visabley reduced and much less painful. I was shocked and amazed. It is now 4 weeks later and there is almost no sign of my horrible injury. I am a firm believer now, and I have purchased your complete line of products and I am reckomending them to any and everyone. Thank you for your great products.

Thank you for your great products.

Tony Cooper

I torn my calf muscle while I was hiking, it was the most horrific pain I think I have ever experienced. I was casted for a month. Once, I was out of my cast, I was back to “Chefing on the line” my calf become irritated and was raising its ugly head. So, I surfed the net and found QIVantage being touted by Oprah, so I then read the testimonials. I had tried Everything over the counter and nothing was really helping, so I decided to give it a try. I admit that I was skeptical at first, but it worked, QIVantage helped my body doing something miraculous. My calf stopped hurting after just one treatment. Now I tell anyone that is hurt to give it a try! QI will always be my “go to” injury solution! It works and it smells great too! I keep it on hand, ready for my next “over do” injury!

Susan Rankin

I am not an athlete – I am a 61 year old woman. The recovery kit really worked. After suffering with a pulled hamstring muscle for over two months, I used the recovery kit (only two wraps and a soak) and it has now been about a month and no pain in that area. I have since ordered other products such as the pain patches and the heating pad. At the end of a work day, I find these products very helpful. I also have fibromyalgia and again very helpful products. I love the fact this is all natural. As an added bonus, I discussed with my health insurance provider and they agreed to FSA reimbursement. I plan to try everything since I have chronic pain and these are the most effective products I have ever found including prescription medications. Thank you so much for these quality all natural products.

Glenda Thacker

In October my daughter severely pulled or possibly tore her hip flexor muscle. After 2 months of pain and still not walking correctly, we were getting close to winter practices starting, but she was stil unable to use her leg. We tried the typical treatments, and when they did not work even went to an orthopedic surgeon to have X-rays and an MRI taken of her hip to see if there was something else wrong. After the appointment all they could tell us was it would take time. I began at that point to start searching the internet for pulled muscle treatment information, I came across your website in my search and really liked what I read. I decided to buy two recovery kits and have my daughter try them out. She told me that on the first application she felt like a bubble formed in her hip area where the injury was, and it grew till it “popped”. The next morning she already felt better. After 3 more applications my daughter was walking normally and began light training to get back in shape. She was in the gym and working with the team 2 weeks later. I can’t recommend the product enough, and have done so a number of times since we used it.

David Glasgo

Hello. I am a 49 year old male, avid runner, both on the road and trail runner. At the end of a particularly active month of running, totaled 56 miles after back to back events on consecutive weekends the last week of the month. (normally run 30-35 miles a week). This led to the development of a significant shin splint, causing substantial pain and decreased mobility on subsequent training runs. Using compression while running, ice and elevation afterward, condition worsened. Found Qivantage doing an internet search for shin splints. Applied recovery paste and left it on for two days. The third day, went for an easy 5 mile run, with noticeably decreased symptoms. Used a second application that evening, after 24 hrs, went running and had a hard time in distinguishing the leg which had the shin splint from the leg which did not. During previous occasions of experiencing shin splints, i have had to endure up to 6-8 weeks of rather tedious recovery, experimenting with various regimens of rest, ice, compression, activity, etc. Has proven to be a difficult injury, from which to find an appropriate regimen to begin healing, let alone to recover from completely. Qivantage offered an amazingly simple, extremely effective, and very fast means of recovering from what can become a chronic, debilitating injury. Thanks very much for providing such an amazing product. Would recommend to anyone with lower leg (shin splint, calf strain) injuries.

Brian Moffett