I severely tore my hamstring running wind sprints. An MRI revealed an almost complete tear. I was in severe pain and my leg was grossly swollen, so my doctor prescribed anti-inflamatories and pain killers. However, I do not like these drug so I was looking for alternatives, when I came across your product. I was skeptical but desperate. Within minutes of applying the products I began to feel better, but I thought there must be a topical painkiller and it was little more than that. But soon I could feel the blood pumping to my injury and I became optimistic. The next morning the swelling was visabley reduced and much less painful. I was shocked and amazed. It is now 4 weeks later and there is almost no sign of my horrible injury. I am a firm believer now, and I have purchased your complete line of products and I am reckomending them to any and everyone. Thank you for your great products.

Thank you for your great products.

Tony Cooper