I have a severe groin muscle pull and find your product on-line. My injury was so severe that I was going to do everything possible to heal it. I decided to buy you recovery kit and give it a try. Surprisingly I was able to get up on a second day and start moving and after the second kit was used I was walking with just a little pain that was gone in a 3 days. I had this type of injury before and the healing process was taking a months. I was so thrilled about it and in todays days when everybody’s service just getting worst and worst your customer service is outstanding. After I bought the first kit and loved it I called you and get a very nice discount for the next purchase. Thank you so much! Your emails are very helpful. I’m telling about your product to everyone I know, and my husband already bought a couple kits for his mother to treat her knee injury. It works as a miracle! Thanks again!

Tatyana Pinkster, Groin Pull