Gentlemen: I am 60 years old and have been an athlete all my life. Thirty years ago I started recreation running and have enjoyed running all this time with very few injuries. Two months ago I experienced a muscle pull and started my normal recovery process of ice then heat and muscle ointment. I was getting no sustained results and became very frustrated. It was at this point, just before making an appointment with my doctor, that I went on line and saw your site. Studied the information and then called and spoke to someone there who was very helpful and sounded legitimate. I ordered two wraps and when they came in last week I put them to immediate use as directed. Just like a miracle after 24 hours using the Wrap I was completely free of pain. I have gradually increased my running distance each day until today when I run my normal 3.2 mile course. It is the most incredible medical healing I have ever experienced or been around. Thank you for making this amazing product available.

Robert Harris, Pulled Muscle, Running