Jon Leavitt, Ankle Sprain

/Jon Leavitt, Ankle Sprain

Jon Leavitt, Ankle Sprain

I was referred to your product by a co-worker who gave me an unsolicited testimonial. I have always been interested natural remedies and healing options and decided to give your product a try. It was a little more expensive that I had hoped but at the same time, I felt it was worth a try. When I received the product I was not incredibly impressed because of recovery spray had leaked into the package. By no means did this ruin the product as a whole. I thought you know I will just let them know so they can maybe prevent this from happening again. I have, to be honest, I am incredibly impressed that you send me a whole new kit. I was not expecting this at all.

I had a severe ankle sprain with heavy bruising that was affecting my job and costing me several vacation days. I applied the first kit to my sprained ankle when I got it and by the end of the second day 85% of the bruising was completely gone and the range of motion was increasing. I don’t know if its a cure all but it definitely help and I would buy it again. Thank you for the product and for your excellent customer service.

Jon LeavittAnkle Sprain
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