I recently made a purchase of a repair kit, as you know, and wanted to send some feed-back. The kit was purchased for a 14yr old girl who received a torn quad playing fast-pitch softball. Positioned in the outfield, she laid-out for a fly ball and tore her quad in the process. Being that the weather was 39 degrees and 80% moisture in the air that day, it created an optimum situation for the outcome of her leg. She did, however, try to play the next week in the team’s tournament and had to be benched, for obvious reasons.

We made the purchase, applied the recovery paste and spray, with success. We started the treatment on Tuesday, with the second application being applied Thursday and by Sunday she was ready to hit the field. She will be following the recovery advise of a steady progressive return, but she has iterated that her leg feels as good as it did on day one of the season and will be ready for this week-ends nationals qualifier.

My recommendations to Anyone looking for a quicker recovery/resolve to their issue(s).

I will be giving my own recommendations to anyone who inquires, as well. Much thanks for making such a product available to those in need.

Jared Hogan