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Tension Easing Eye Pad


Heat up this herbal infused eye pad and place over your eyes to calm the tension in your overused eyes. Wear for a 10 minutes to relax the tension in your face and rejuvenate your eyes.

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Relieves tension in the eyes and stress headaches.

Stress and tension keep you from training and competing at your best. Now you can de-stress with this infused eye pad. It stimulates acupressure points around the eyes to increase Qi (energy), increase circulation and help eliminate headaches. The pad contains a unique blend of herbs and grains, as well as jade powder, which has been known for centuries to help strengthen the mind and body.


Place over eyes for 5 minutes or longer.


Contents: 8 ounce silk pillow

Supply: Herbal grains last for 12 months

Ingredients: Herbal Grains, Flax Seed, Jade Powder and Lavender

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