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$MyKit=”Injury Treatment Kit”;
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Get Help For Your Pulled [insert_php] echo ucwords($MyMuscle); [/insert_php] Muscle

Treatment Kit

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Your Recommendation: The [insert_php]echo “$MyKit”;[/insert_php]

What is a muscle pull? Anytime you pull a muscle you tear part or all of the muscle fibers. The tearing of the muscle damages small blood vessels, causing local bleeding, or bruising, and irritates the nerve endings in the area resulting in pain.

How the kit works? When applied, the kit immediately stops the pain and swelling, while kick-starting the body’s natural ability to recover quickly and thoroughly.

QiVantage’s unique, all-natural formulas quickly reduce swelling and inflammation plus remove the toxins that slow down or halt the healing process. Additionally, the formulas increase circulation. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach injured muscle tissue and accelerates the recovery process.

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The key factors that influenced our recommendation are:

    • The size of the injured muscle
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    • The fact that you are older than 35

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    • The injury has linger for over 2 weeks

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    • Your severe pain level

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    • The fact you have injured your ‘.$MyMuscle.’ before

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    • Your need to recover quickly


Cut Recovery Time in 1/2*

Learn what thousands of athletes already have discovered. The appropriate Treatment Kit can help cut your recovery time in half compared to typical doctor specified guidelines.

(Based on a 2016 study of over 15,000 athletes who used the QiVantage Treatment Kits).

Your Pulled [insert_php] if (strlen($MyMuscle) == ‘0’) {echo “Muscle”;}
else {echo ucwords($MyMuscle);} [/insert_php] Assessment

Question: Rate your pain?

Your Answer:  [insert_php] echo ucwords($MyPain); [/insert_php]


[insert_php] switch ($MyPain) {
case “severe”:
echo “You indicated severe pain. A severe injury should be dealt with right away. The pain is distracting, and the long term effects of not addressing the injury properly can be costly.”;
case “moderate”:
echo “You indicated moderate pain. While it’s good that the pain is not severe, it is something to address. Pain is only one measure of tissue inflammation and internal damage. Pushing through this pain or attempting to mask it does not deal with the source.”;
case “mild”:
echo “You indicated mild pain, which generally means there is not a lot of muscle or tendon damage. A good sign.”;
echo “You did not indicate your pain level.”;

Question:  When did the injury occur?

Your Answer:  [insert_php] echo ucwords($MyWhen); [/insert_php]


[insert_php] switch ($MyWhen) {
case “over 2 weeks ago”:
echo “You noted the injury happened over 2 weeks ago. You may have tried a few common muscle pull treatment options and the results have not yet met your expectations. It is quite common for the recovery process to get “stuck” where the muscle tension blocks circulation and time off doesn’t yield positive results. In such cases, a treatment plan that removes spasm mobilizes toxins and improves circulation can be one the quickest ways to get things back on a good track.”;
case “within the last 2 weeks”:
echo “You noted the injury happened within the last two weeks. Since the injury is relatively recent, you can get things on the right track from the outset. This is important. If you can help the body reduce swelling, remove toxins and improve circulation quickly after an injury, the recovery process can progress much more smoothly.”;
echo “You did not indicate when your injury occurred.”;

Question:  What is your age?

Your Answer:  [insert_php] echo ucwords($MyAge); [/insert_php]


[insert_php] switch ($MyAge) {
case “older than 35 years old”:
echo “Healing timeframes, in general, tend to be longer for athletes over 35 years old. In addition, often injuries may require more assistance than anti-inflammatories and rest to fully heal.”;
case “35 years old or younger”:
echo “Usually under the age of 35, one has natural strength and energy that helps a muscle heal quickly. But make sure the muscle recovers thoroughly. Many older athletes are plagued by injuries from their youth because they didn’t care for the injuries properly the first time.”;
echo “You did not indicate your age.”;

Question:  Is this a first-time injury?

Your Answer:  [insert_php] echo ucwords($MyFirst); [/insert_php]


[insert_php] switch ($MyFirst) {
case “yes”:
echo “We’re glad to hear it’s not a repeat injury. Repeat injuries are trickier to recover from because they are generally caused by overuse or internal damage from a previous injury that never fully recovered.”;
case “no”:
echo “Repeat injuries add complexity to the recovery process – they are a sign of a deeper problem that is signaling for help. In general, if this muscle pull has occurred several times, or it stems from an injury long ago, it will require additional treatments to properly address.”;
echo “You did not indicate if this is a first-time injury.”;

Question:  Do you need to recover quickly?

Your Answer:  [insert_php] echo ucwords($MyFast); [/insert_php]


[insert_php] switch ($MyFast) {
case “yes”:
echo “Since you need to recovery quickly, the most important thing is to get the process underway as soon as possible. In addition, you want to make sure you don’t under treat an injury or it can slow down your recovery time.”;
case “no”:
echo “Although you aren’t in a rush to recover, it is important that you fully heal so you don’t have to worry about re-injury.”;
echo “You did not indicate if you need to recover quickly.”;

Medical professionals classify muscle pulls as Grade 1, 2, 3 or chronic, based on the following signs.

Grade 1

You have overstretched the muscle fibers, resulting in some minor tears. This can result in:

  • tightness in the area of the strained muscle
  • mild to moderate discomfort when performing movements that stretch the strained muscle fibers
  • minor swelling or inflammation

Grade 2

You have partially torn some muscle fibers, resulting in the following symptoms:

  • twinges of pain during activity, especially against resistance
  • visible swelling and pressure, with the possibility of bruising
  • weakness in the affected muscle

Grade 3

You have fully torn or ruptured some muscle fibers. You may experience:

  • significantly diminished motor function, making motions that use the affected muscles difficult or not possible
  • severe pain when contracting the muscles, and a high level of background pain
  • visible and immediate swelling, with the possibility of bruising


In addition to the three grades of injury, there is also the category of chronic. A chronic injury is one that is persistent and recurring and is identified by the following symptoms:

  • stiffness and soreness for over one month
  • bruising and swelling is gone, but your flexibility is limited and it’s hard to work your muscles at 100 percent

If you have previously had a strain and did not allow the muscles to heal completely before returning to your normal activities and exercise, your chance of developing a chronic strain are greatly increased. Often, in these instances, because of improper recovery the muscle develops scar tissue that inhibits a full recovery.

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