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Priority & Express Mail Delivery Time Estimate

Delivery with the U.S.A.
USPS Ground takes 3-4 days for delivery. USPS Priority Mail delivery times are not guaranteed but typically take 1-3 days. USPS Priority Express Mail is guaranteed and takes 1-2 days depending on your zip code.

Delivery to Canada
QiVantage offers Priority International Mail service via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to Canada. Delivery typically takes 5-8 business days.

Mail Delivery Time Estimator
To calculate the delivery time to your zip code, complete the form below. Enter 01776 for the from zip code. Enter your zip code. Set Mailing Time to after 4:00 pm. Click on the For Flat Rate Boxes option. Then you can toggle between Express and Priority mail (or select all) to see the delivery time in days for both options.

Note: Orders received by 4pm E.S.T. Monday – Friday or by 10am E.S.T on Saturday will be shipped out the same day. Orders placed on Sunday are shipped out on Monday.  We do not ship on Federal Holidays.