Quick Overview

Using the gauze, tape and ace bandage, wrap some of the Recovery Paste onto your injury and wear it for about 12 hours. Once worn, remove the Recovery Paste and throw it away. Repeat this process until your jar of Recovery Paste is gone – typically 2 applications. After each wrap application, use the Recovery Spray.

Most athletes choose to do the treatment in the evening and wear it through the night for convenience. However, treatments can be done whenever it best fits your schedule. You want to allow a minimum of 3 hours between treatments.

Below are step by step instructions if needed.

Step by Step Recovery Wrap Application Directions

1. Shape the Recovery Paste and wrap it in gauze.

Take about half the herbal paste from the Recovery Paste jar. The paste should be about the consistency of Play-Doh, and be moist or a bit oily to the touch. (On rare occasions, the paste can dried out. If this is the case contact our support team and we’ll replace it immediately.)

Shape it to be about 1/4″ thick or greater, and wrap it with one piece of gauze. The gauze helps the Recovery Paste keep its shape while you wear it, and makes it easier to remove when you are done.


Cover the Recovery Paste with a piece of gauze.

2. Apply the Recovery Paste to your injury and secure it in place.

Center the gauze-covered herbal formula over your injury. It’s best to place it directly over the source of the pain, or what you feel is the area of greatest injury. Once in position, tape it in place with one piece of medical tape. The most important thing is that the Recovery Paste is in good contact with your skin during the application. To help with this, you can also secure it with the included ace bandage. The ace bandage should not be so tight that it affects your circulation.

NOTE: The menthol in the Recovery Paste can be oily. To keep this oil from leaking out, completely cover the Recovery Paste with the tape. Also to cut down on the smell you can cover the tape with a piece of plastic wrap then wrap the area with the ace bandage. The plastic wrap will reduce the smell and help keep the area warm.

Tape the Recovery Paste on your injury, then secure with an ace bandage.






3. Wear the wrap for 12 hours, then remove it and throw it away.

With your Recovery Paste in place, wear it for 12 hours. You want to have the Recovery Paste on for at least 8 hours – this gives the herbs sufficient time to have an effect. If you need to bathe, feel free to remove the wrap and re-apply it until you have completed your application.

Wear for about 12 hours

After your application, remove the Recovery Paste application and throw it away. You may ask, can I re-use the wrap? No, you cannot. The wrap helps to mobilize toxins, which can travel through your skin much like sweat does. This can make the Recovery Paste toxic after 12 hours of use. Therefore, it is to be used once, then discarded.

Then remove and throw away

NOTE: You can keep the ace bandage for additional applications, but throw away the used tape, gauze and Recovery Paste.


4. Spray the injured area with Recovery Spray.

Once you remove the wrap, use the Recovery Spray on the application area to further aid recovery and relieve itchy skin. You can spray 10-15 times per use, 3-5 times per day until the bottle is empty.


5. Repeat Steps 1-4 for a second application.

Typically it is most convenient to put a repeat in the evening and wear through the night while sleeping. The next evening, repeat the process with the rest of the Recovery Paste, and the remaining piece of gauze and tape.

Between applications, store any unused Recovery Paste in the closed jar in a cool, dry place.

If you have extra Recovery Wraps in the closed package, they have a shelf life of one year. We recommend keeping one on hand so you have it when you need it.