Check These Videos Out

Having an injury is not fun and day to day training can get tiring. However, we thought these videos might keep you motivated or at least keep your mind in a positive state. Enjoy!

We are not endorsing Red Bull – in fact, we have a much better all natural alternative. Our Ginseng Energy Tea helps with injury recovery or when used regularly, ensures you perform at your best.

You think your injury is bad, watch this. Not for the faint of heart. 10 worst injuries captured on ESPN.

We talk about Qi (chi) and traditional martial arts but here is an example of practitioners who have developed a deeper strength. This snippet from a National Geographic special, you might find it to be eye-opening.

Some Olympic movements to inspire you and get you in a positive state of mind.

Never too old to be strong and amazing. Watch this guy to get motivated to get back training!

People are awesome! Make yourself awesome!

Extreme flexibility from a traditional martial arts practitioner. Gives you a target to shoot for!

Monkey Man – definite monkey-like skill and ability. You can develop this type of agility through traditional martial arts training.