QiVantage Introduces the Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Patch

//QiVantage Introduces the Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Patch

QiVantage Introduces the Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Patch

The Recovery Wrap has been the flagship QiVantage formula for athletes wanting to recover from muscle pulls, sprains and strains. The paste-like formula is quite similar to its centuries old ancestors: a poultice-type wrap with a concentrated effect. It is still our best formula for injury recovery, but there is a new kid on the block!

For years customers have been asking for the effectiveness of the wrap in an easy to use package. Here were the main specific requests:

  • Keep it effective
  • Make it easy to apply
  • Make it subtle to wear
  • Make it have less of an odor

So we’ve been working on this for awhile. Some innovative technology and persistence yielded the new Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Patch. It is a transdermal patch similar in appearance to some standard patches (Icy Hot, ThermaCare, etc). But it is unique in its effectiveness. It is the same formula as the Recovery Wrap in a peel and stick, odorless patch. You can wear it on a sore muscle or joint, a pulled muscle, etc. You can wear them while you train, while you sleep, while you work – whenever and wherever you want.

So check them out, and let us know what you think. As always, thanks a lot for your requests and comments – they shape what we’re up to!


Check out the Muscle and Joint Therapeutic Patches

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