The Ultimate, All-Natural Sports Cream

Eliminates Soreness, Speeds Recovery and Soothes Tired Muscles or Achy Joints

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Therapeutic Cream Speeds Recovery & Quickly Relieves Pain

Rub on to relieve soreness and refresh tired muscles and joints

Quickly Relieves Pain and Soreness
Rub on sore muscles so your 
pain free in minutes.

Relaxes Tense and Tired Muscles
Slather on to relieve muscle tension and refresh tired muscles.

Speeds Recovery Time 
Use after workouts to recover quickly so you’re ready to go the next day.

Key Ingredients

Stephaniae tetrandra

This super herb helps alleviate pain and reduce swelling in muscles and joints. In addition it helps induce relaxation in the muscle tissue bringing more circulation to the tissue so it recovers faster.


In addition to helping reduce pain, this special herb for centuries has been used by herbalist to removes obstruction in circulation caused by internal bruising.

Achyranthis bidentatae 

This powerful herb benefits the joints and has been shown to strengthen sinew and bones. In addition, this herb helps reduce bruising while enhancing circulation.

Complete List of Ingredients

The 4.5 ounce tube, typically lasts one month with daily use. Take with you anywhere and use anytime

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Try 100% Risk Free for 30 Days

Try it risk free on your aching muscles and joints. If you don’t feel it relieves soreness and refreshes tired muscles simply contact us within 30 days of your treatment and we’ll give you your money back.

It’s that simple…you have nothing to lose but the pain and soreness.

How Can I Use the Therapeutic Recovery Cream?

Warm Up Your Muscles

Don’t have time to do a full warm up. Rub on the cream prior to exercise to increase circulation to your muscles and joints. This will enhance your warm up and help guard against muscle strains or pulls if you don't have time for a full warm up.

Post Training/Workout Recovery

During intensive training your muscle create metabolic wastes and lactic acid. Using the Recovery Cream post workout helps to quickly eliminate lactic acid buildup by increasing circulation to taxed muscles. How good would it be to eliminate post workout fatigue and soreness that is exactly what the Therapeutic Recovery Cream can do.

Daily Aches and Pains

No matter what shape you are in, you inevitable have period aches and pains for working out or training hard. The key to superior performance is consistent practice. The Recovery Cream helps you quickly eliminate the aches and more importantly helps your muscles fully recover so you are ready to train hard again the next day.

What Athletes are Saying About the Therapeutic Recovery Cream

"The speed with which pain relief was achieved was quite amazing. Really helped me recover from my ankle that I accidentally twisted." 

- Scott Gregson, Strained Ankle

"I felt an immediate effect the first time using the Recovery Cream. Didn't freeze or numb the area like others, but loosened and help relax the muscles."

Paul Gorman, Crossfit Trainer

"WOW!! Thank You So Much. I've found no other cream, or anything else to help with my muscle injury, including no one at the hospital had any suggestion--can you believe it? I'll be bragging like crazy about QiVantage."

Carol Weed, Pulled Hamstring

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions…

  • How long will a tube last?

Our 4.5 ounce tube of Therapeutic Recovery Cream typically lasts about one month when used once or twice daily. Obviously used last it will longer.  Shelf life of the product is 2 years.